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It was Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar who first brought their 19 kids into the spotlight. But now, it’s their older children who are finding their own audience. Joy-Anna Duggar is just 22, but she already has a 2-year-old son, Gideon, with husband Austin Forsyth — and she’s pregnant once again with a baby girl. While she documents all of the home projects she and Austin are working on, fans also get a glimpse into her parenting style.

It looks like Joy-Anna and Austin are already letting little Gideon see what fireworks are all about, too. The couple posted a video showing their young son picking out his favorites, and it came with plenty of mixed reviews.

Joy-Anna Duggar has been under fire for her parenting choices in the past

Joy-Anna and Austin are quite transparent about their lives via Instagram and YouTube. And now that they’re taking a step away from Counting On, we expect to hear even more about their house-flipping ventures and upcoming pregnancy on the internet. Fans also adore seeing videos of Giden, as he seems to always be smiling. But Joy-Anna’s parenting choices have still come under fire in the past.

We know Joy-Anna allows Gideon to drink coffee, as she’s posted about it multiple times. Unfortunately, fans had a lot of negative feedback the first time they saw it on Joy-Anna’s Instagram. And when Austin posted another photo of little Gideon drinking coffee with his father on May 28, they were at it again with the negative comments.

“Gideon is too little for any coffee. It’s not good for him,” a follower commented. “Give him hot Chocolate instead. I love you guys. I’m not being judgemental.”

Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth allowed their son to pick out fireworks

It looks like Joy-Anna and Austin are fans of fireworks, and they’re sharing this love with Gideon. TV Shows Ace posted a video captured from the couple’s social media that shows them looking at a variety of fireworks with Gideon — and the young boy seems particularly excited about one type.

“So, we’re here in Farmington at a fireworks stand, and this is Gideon’s first year that he’s really interested in fireworks, and we came and he immediately ran to these things like, ‘Papa! I want this, please!'” Austin tells the camera with Gideon by his side. And Gideon looks elated to be holding the massive fireworks.

“It’s so cute ’cause he actually … I think he knows that they are now,” Joy-Anna tells the camera while panning over all the fireworks behind her. “So we’re trying to figure out which ones we want.”

Austin then plugged Freedom Fireworks, as it seems his friends run the business. And there was plenty more footage of Gideon holding on to the fireworks he wanted, too.

Duggar family critics have mixed feelings


Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth Are Reportedly Leaving ‘Counting On’ Behind

It seems many have mixed feelings about Joy-Anna and Austin allowing Gideon to pick out fireworks. The video only shows the 2-year-old holding the package, and it’s assumed that he would take no part in actually lighting them. But some family critics also took issue with the fact that Joy-Anna and Austin visited Freedom Fireworks without masks or any coronavirus (COVID-19) protection.

“A kid touching fireworks that are likely on display at a firework stand is hardly dangerous,” a Reddit user defended. “They’re not going to just blow up randomly. I swear some of the folks here keep their kids wrapped in bubbles their entire childhoods.”

“I see an obviously supervised child petting a sealed package of (unlit) fireworks,” another wrote. “No flame seen or implied. Quick! Someone call CPS!!”

“The kid is touching several items that are in public and putting his hands in his mouth during a pandemic, no one wearing masks,” another added. “But go off about the wrapped fireworks.”

No matter what, it looks like Joy-Anna, Austin, and Gideon enjoyed their day out — and we’re glad we got to see it unfold.

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