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With so much uncertainty going on in the world, it’s nice to hear some good news. And Joy-Anna Duggar is brightening many peoples’ days with her pregnancy announcement. Those who follow Joy-Anna know she and her husband, Austin Forsyth, have a little boy, Gideon, at home already. And the couple went through a devastating miscarriage that Joy-Anna still touches on with her followers from time to time.

Now, it looks like another baby is on the way. Joy-Anna announced via Instagram and YouTube that she and Austin are expecting. Here’s what the happy couple announced.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth recently mentioned they want more kids

Eagle-eyed Duggar fans have wondered for months if Joy-Anna was pregnant, as all of the family photos featuring the 22-year-old showed her covering her belly. Now, the secret’s out. And many may have caught wind that Joy-Anna was ready to announce her pregnancy after she answered some questions about wanting children during a recent Q&A session.

Back in June 2019, Joy-Anna miscarried her and Austin’s second child, Annabell Elise. The loss was extremely significant to the couple, but they were able to gracefully move forward with Annabell still in their hearts. And they told their YouTube followers that they were definitely excited to expand their family.

“The very most popular question was, ‘Do ya’ll want more kids?'” Joy-Anna says to the camera.

“Yes, definitely. We want more kids,” Austin answered.

“Of course we want more kids,” Joy-Anna said again. “It’s just been a long last eight months after our miscarriage with Annabell and looking forward to what God has in the future, though.”

The couple announced their pregnancy on Instagram

Joy-Anna and Austin posted their pregnancy announcement to Instagram on March 18. The photo shows Joy-Anna holding her pregnant belly while standing next to Austin who has Gideon in his arms.

“Yes… it’s true! @austin4site and I are PREGNANT again!” Joy-Anna captioned her post. “Ahhh!!! It’s been quite the crazy journey these last few months, but we are so thankful that mom and baby are healthy! We will give a more detailed update soon, but for now, go to our YouTube channel to find out the GENDER and to watch this journey we’ve been on!”

Joy-Anna’s followers are super excited to hear the news. And her sisters are also commenting on the post.

“Yay!” Jill Duggar noted.

“Congratulations!!!! I couldn’t be more thrilled for you and Austin!” Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna, commented.

“So happy for ya’ll!” Jessa Duggar added.

Joy-Anna is giving even more details on her YouTube

Not only did Joy-Anna tell her followers about the pregnancy, but she created a YouTube video outlining how she found out and how she told her family. The first few seconds of the video show Joy-Anna at the large Duggar home she grew up in. And she then announces her pregnancy to her family.

“Austin and I are expecting,” Joy-Anna tells her family. “We’re due the second week of August.” This also means that Joy-Anna’s been pregnant since November and has successfully kept the secret to herself.

It hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows for Joy-Anna and Austin, though. Her doctors warned them that the pregnancy may not be viable — but so far, things are looking up. Joy-Anna noted she was trusting “in the Lord.” And it seems the pregnancy is doing well so far, as the happy couple found out they’ll be having a baby girl.

“We’re having a girl and it’s due August 19,” Joy-Anna reiterates in the car.

We’re excited to hear more updates about Joy-Anna and Austin’s baby girl coming soon!

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