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Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband, Austin Forsyth, decided to take a massive step back from Counting On. Now, the family’s creating their own YouTube content for their fans. And Joy-Anna’s frequently posting about her baby daughter, Evelyn Mae.

It seems one fan took issue with the way Joy-Anna was holding Evelyn in an Instagram photo, though. Here’s how Joy-Anna sweetly responded.

Joy-Anna Duggar recently brought her daughter, Evelyn, home from the hospital

Having children hasn’t been the easiest road for Joy-Anna. While she and Austin have their adorable son, Gideon, they miscarried their second child. And when Joy-Anna initially found out she was pregnant with Evelyn, the doctors weren’t sure the pregnancy was viable. Thankfully, everything went smoothly — and Joy-Anna took her followers with her throughout the entire journey via her YouTube videos.

Joy-Anna chose to give birth in the hospital with Evelyn despite the other Duggars primarily preferring home births. And it’s a good thing the young mom was close to medical professionals once her daughter was born, as Evelyn had elevated bilirubin levels that needed to be monitored prior to bringing her home.

Because of the bilirubin levels, Evelyn had to stay under a special hospital light the majority of the time during her stay. “My heart’s breaking,” Joy-Anna told her camera. “I want to hold her. I hate that she has to be in there by herself, but hopefully, she can get over this soon.” Thankfully, Joy-Anna and Austin eventually got to take their daughter home.

Joy-Anna commented back to a concerned fan

Now, Evelyn is safe and sound at home — and she’s getting to know her older brother, Gideon. Joy-Anna’s definitely a busy stay-at-home mom, but she’s still finding time to post photos to Instagram for her fans. On Oct. 4, she posted a family photo of her, Austin, Gideon, and Evelyn. She then posted another photo of just her and the kids. She held Evelyn while Gideon held on to her hand.

“Church this morning!” Joy-Anna captioned the post.

It seems some of Joy-Anna’s followers weren’t happy with how Evelyn was held, though.

“Why is she carrying that baby like that looks like she fixing to drop her!” one fan commented on the post.

Joy-Anna saw the post and answered sweetly. “Haha! Thank you for your concern!” she wrote back. “I was holding Evy and then Gideon was trying to hold my hand! I wasn’t about to drop her tho!”

This is far from the first time she’s received fan backlash


Joy-Anna Duggar Put ‘Birth Affirmation’ and Photos of Newborns Around Her Hospital Room to Encourage Her Through Labor

Joy-Anna has tons of followers on YouTube and Instagram, so some backlash is undoubtedly inevitable. Typically, her followers get upset when they suspect she and Austin are endangering kids.

Back in March 2020, Joy posted a few photos of Gideon and Austin. Austin is holding a large chainsaw while Gideon is ultra-close, causes followers to panic. “Good idea to put a chainsaw in the hands of a 2-year-old,” one person commented.

Not only that, but some fans get upset when Joy-Anna allows Gideon to have coffee. Joy-Anna posted a photo back in September 2019 showing the child drinking the beverage, and in May 2020, Austin posted a photo of Gideon with a coffee cup in his hands. This, again, caused significant backlash, though Austin and Joy-Anna reassured their followers Gideon only drinks decaf.

We’re glad Joy-Anna and Austin continue to post plenty of new content for their fans no matter what others may think. And we’re looking forward to hearing even more about Evelyn as she grows!

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