Joy-Anna Duggar Deleted an Instagram Post After Being Called Out For Being Unsafe

We’re all wondering how the Duggars are doing the coronavirus (COVID-19) scare. The family is family-oriented, and Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have plenty of younger children running in and out of their home at all times. We know many of their 19 kids also visit the huge family home every Monday as well, so social distancing most likely isn’t in their nature.

Even so, the Duggars issued a statement about the virus. But there’s evidence that many of Jim Bob and Michelle’s adult children aren’t following safety guidelines. And it seems Joy-Anna Duggar deleted an Instagram post after being called out for not following protocol.

The Duggar family issued a statement about coronavirus

Coronavirus will likely affect the production of TLC’s Counting On, but we’re still keeping up with many of the adult Duggars via social media. So far, we’ve seen Jill Duggar’s saga about attempting to find toilet paper. And we’ve seen Josiah Duggar’s wife, Lauren, talking about her favorite recipes she’s making while quarantined. And the Duggars as a whole issued a statement about trusting in God and prayer to pull us through.

“We know that this Coronavirus situation is unprecedented. Beyond the health threat, there are so many unknown economic and societal impacts this virus is making worldwide,” the Facebook post says. “The one thing we do know is that even in the darkest days and in the most challenging times, we can put our trust and hope in God. Let’s all pray for one another, for our leaders, for our healthcare workers, and especially for our elderly. ….”

Not every Duggar is practicing social distancing

We’re hoping the Duggars are taking coronavirus precautions seriously. But it seems there’s already evidence that many of Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids aren’t doing what they should be.

Jed Duggar, the future politician of the family, is assisting with disaster relief in Arkansas. At the end of March, he posted photos and videos of the tornado that struck his home state — and it looked like he was helping many others in the community to deal with the loss and get back on track.

“It was amazing to see the community and fellow Arkansans come together to help one another,” he captioned his post. “I am grateful for the opportunity to volunteer in the cleanup efforts today!”

Unfortunately, it seemed the many community members coming together to help didn’t abide by the social distancing guidelines given by the government. “Yeah I really don’t think coming together is what you guys should be doing right now,” one follower commented.

Jed wasn’t the only Duggar there, either. Jana also posted photos to her Instagram showing how she helped with the relief efforts, and she was slammed for the same reason.

“Pls know you still need to physical distance by 6’,” one follower mentioned. “You’re all way too close together. The last thing this community is going to need is to be hit with a surge of Covid cases.”

Joy-Anna Duggar seemed to delete an Instagram post after backlash

It looks like Joy-Anna is the next Duggar to endure ridicule for a lack of social distancing. A Reddit user posted a screenshot of a post added by the pregnant mom, and the post showed Joy-Anna was allowing her family to hang out with outsiders. “Picnic at the river with the cousins,” she captioned the post.

“They probably think they are only quarantined from the rest of the world,” one Reddit user noted. “One of them couldn’t possibly have it and pass it on to the rest of the family.”

“It’s bad enough they’re going about their lives like we’re not in the midst of a deadly pandemic, but the utter lack of self awareness to post this to social media is what’s really getting me,” another noted.

Other users pointed out that Joy-Anna should be extra careful considering her current pregnancy. And, since the backlash, Joy-Anna has deleted the post. Will she be taking the guidelines more seriously now? We’re not sure — but we doubt she’ll be posting about any group hangouts.

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