Joy-Anna Duggar Is Slowly Changing Her Instagram to Exclude Austin Forsyth

We’ve been watching the Duggars for years, as Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar thrust their 19 kids into the spotlight. And now, it’s the adult Duggar kids who are taking over. While we keep up with Jessa, Jinger, and Jill Duggar (just to name a few) via Instagram, we’re also curious about Joy-Anna. Joy-Anna’s only 22, but she already has a young son, Gideon, with her husband, Austin Forsyth. And together, they created a social media account so their fans could keep up with what they’re up to.

Now, Joy-Anna Duggar announced she’s pregnant with a little girl. While she’s keeping her fans apprised with information about her pregnancy, we’re also noticing a shift in her content. It seems Joy-Anna is taking major ownership of her joint Instagram with Austin. Here’s what we noticed.

Many of the Duggars have their own Instagram accounts

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Fans know the Duggars best through TLC’s Counting On. But many of Jim Bob and Michelle’s adult children have thrust themselves into the spotlight even more with their public Instagram accounts.

It was suspected that only the Duggars who are married get to have their own accounts, as Jessa, Jill, Jinger, and Joy-Anna created their profiles after tying the knot. But we know this isn’t necessarily the case. Jed Duggar remains unmarried but appeared to create an Instagram to push his political career. And Jana Duggar is 30 years old and still living in her parents’ house. Her Instagram shows off all her DIY projects, gardens, and travels.

There is one Duggar kid who’s married and remains offline, though, and that’s Josh. Josh was involved in a sexual abuse scandal that came to light back in 2015. He doesn’t have a public profile — but his wife, Anna, does. And she keeps her followers informed on what’s going on with her marriage and six children, though she often gets negative comments on her photos of her and Josh.

Austin Forsyth created an account apart from Joy-Anna Duggar

Joy-Anna and Austin had a joint Instagram together from the beginning. Together, the two shared everything they were up to, which included their house-flipping ventures, their DIY projects with the home, and how they were raising their son, Gideon. They also included plenty of photos of their hunting trips and group outings with other Duggars. And when Joy-Anna miscarried their second child, they made the decision to share photos after it occurred.

Now, it looks like Austin is going his own way on Instagram. The couple’s social media now shares a link to Austin’s personal page, austin4site. While there are only a few posts on Austin’s personal page, it seems like he’s going to focus a lot on sharing information on his independent contracting.

He shared a video of him, Joy-Anna, and Gideon on March 24. Austin explains to his camera that they’re on the site of a new home they’re building, and the whole family seems excited to share more about the home as it progresses.

Joy-Anna is now taking ownership of their joint account

So, what will become of Joy-Anna and Austin’s joint account now that Austin is going his own way? It looks like Joy-Anna may take complete ownership of their original Instagram — and she’s already taking steps to eliminate Austin’s involvement.

In the description section of Joy-Anna and Austin’s Instagram, it now only says “Joy Forsyth” instead of “Austin and Joy Forsyth.” There’s also a bullet point that includes Austin’s personal Instagram, and she added additional bullets like “Gideon Martyn & Baby Girl!” and “Outdoors & Remodeling!” As for the profile photo, it used to include both Austin and Joy-Anna, but now, it’s just Joy.

The majority of the couple’s Instagram photos were written from Joy-Anna’s perspective anyway, so it’s clear she took the reigns when it came to the page. But now, it looks like we’ll definitely be following her life (and current pregnancy) through her perspective. And it looks like she’s following in the footsteps of her older sisters as well by pushing her YouTube channel that both she and Austin contribute to.

We know the Duggars believe that the man is the king of the household, so it might be a big deal for Austin to allow his wife to take total ownership of her own Instagram. We’ll have to wait and see what Joy-Anna posts next.

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