Joy-Anna Duggar Just Clapped Back at a Follower and Explained Why She’s Not Wearing Her Wedding Ring

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth look like they have a very happy marriage. The couple recently welcomed a baby girl into the world, and they’re keeping their fans updated on their family via their Instagrams and YouTube account.

It seems some eagle-eyed fans noticed Joy-Anna doesn’t appear to be wearing here wedding band in a few recent photos. Here’s how Joy-Anna responded.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth didn’t wait long to marry

The Duggars are known for short courtships and engagements, as they believe in “dating with a purpose” rather than dating around. And such was the case for Joy-Anna and Austin.

The two courted for four brief months back in 2016 after getting the OK from Jim Bob Duggar prior to their engagement, according to Romper. And they married in May 2017, which was just six months after their courtship started and two months after Austin got down on one knee. By February 2018, the young newlyweds had their first child, Gideon.

Many think Austin and Joy-Anna rushed right into marriage due to external pressure from family. While the Duggars are used to marrying quickly, Austin also came from a strict Christian family with the same values. Austin’s family was so strict, in fact, that they appeared on a reality TV program showing all about rigid parenting. But Austin and Joy-Anna do appear to be quite happy despite what outsiders think.

Joy-Anna explained to a follower why she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring

On Oct. 24, Joy-Anna posted a few sweet photos she took with Austin. And she added a quote her mother-in-law told her to the caption of the Instagram post.

“‘He just needs a companion.’ Austin’s mom told this to me when we were dating; it’s so true,” Joy-Anna captioned the post. “He just wants to have somebody with him and I love this about him! I’ll be your companion any day, baby.”

Many fans commented positively to the photos, as they think the couple looks happier than ever. Unfortunately, a few others wondered where Joy-Anna’s wedding band went.

“So, do you just get an engagement ring in this belief?” a fan commented. “I didn’t see a band with her ring.”

“No, my fingers were swollen during pregnancy and I haven’t put my wedding band back on,” Joy-Anna commented back. And she certainly had others in her corner.

“It was YEARS before I could wear my wedding rings again!” another fan commented in support.

This isn’t the first time Duggar followers noticed some Duggar women without their wedding rings


Joy-Anna Duggar’s Followers Are Freaking Out After an Instagram Post Shows Her Son Near Power Tools

Joy-Anna recently gave birth, so it makes perfect sense as to why her wedding band can’t fit. But fans have also noticed that Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna Duggar, is often seen without her wedding ring.

While Josh and Anna have six children, they’ve also had a number of public struggles with their marriage. Josh went through a molestation scandal in 2015, and he was also caught on the cheating website Ashley Madison. While Josh and Anna remain devoted to each other, it has many wondering how Anna feels.

Some Reddit users think Anna simply doesn’t wear her wedding ring because of swelling from past pregnancies, though.

“Often people’s fingers swell while pregnant and they take off their rings during pregnancy,” a Reddit user wrote. “This would be some more evidence regarding the speculation that she is pregnant now.”

We’re hoping all is well for both Anna and Joy-Anna when it comes to their marriages. Either way, it seems both women are more than capable of handling public scrutiny!

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