Joy-Anna Duggar’s Fans Are Correcting Her After She Calls Herself a ‘Big Weenie’ for Needing an Epidural

Joy-Anna Duggar recently gave birth to a baby girl, and the Duggars couldn’t be more thrilled. The young mom already has her son, Gideon, with Austin Forsyth. And while their family was once featured on Counting On, they chose to take a step away from TLC and share their lives with their fans via YouTube and Instagram instead.

Recently, Joy-Anna uploaded a video about her birthing experience. And fans are calling her out for saying she’s a “weenie” for being in pain and needing an epidural.

Joy-Anna Duggar chose to have a hospital birth instead of a home birth

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar raised 19 kids together, and Michelle’s made it known she’s a believer in home birth. While the choice is any woman’s to make regarding what she’s most comfortable with, it’s resulted in a few scary scenarios for the Duggars over the years. Michelle was taken to the hospital multiple C-section births despite first attempting to go through the process at home.

Not only did Michelle believe in home births, but most of the Duggar daughters who had kids also trusted in this practice. Unfortunately, it put a few of them in dangerous situations. Jill and Joy-Anna needed to be rushed to the hospital for emergency C-sections, and Jessa was also taken to the ER for excessive bleeding.

For Joy-Anna’s recent baby, she opted out of attempting a home birth. Instead, she told her fans she chose a hospital birth from the get-go, and she even showed everything she packed in her hospital bag.

Joy-Anna called herself a ‘big weenie’ for the pain she went through

Joy-Anna’s taken her fans every step of the way through her experience giving birth the second time. On Sept. 5, she posted a video of her time in the hospital as she’s induced and getting contractions. And finally, by 10 a.m. the morning after starting the induction drug Pitocin, Joy-Anna’s ready for an epidural.

“OK, so, I got an epidural,” Joy-Anna said to the camera from her hospital bed. “Thankfully, it’s working. He had to up the dose a little bit ’cause I still had pain on my left side. But now I’m feeling a lot better.” She then expressed she was going to try and nap for awhile before delivering her daughter.

“Like, it was pretty bad,” Joy-Anna added regarding the pain. “I felt like a big weenie, but those contractions were really strong.”

The following footage showed Joy-Anna expressing how severe her pain was to her doctor. “It was so bad,” Joy-Anna quietly stated. “I was so done.”

Her fans are calling her out


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We’re glad Joy-Anna opted for the epidural to help her alleviate her pain. And her fans let her know in the comments section of the video that there’s absolutely no shame in reducing pain through medication.

“I hope all women recognize that having an epidural is not wimping out,” one fan commented.

“I had five children without epidurals, but there is no shame in having them,” another added. “Big congrats on your beautiful little girl.”

“I had epidurals with both of my kids,” yet another wrote. “I didn’t feel like I was wimping out. Why go through the pain if you don’t have too. Once I got them I didn’t feel much of any pain.”

“I gave birth unmedicated 3 times and got an epidural with my 4th. It was heaven!!” yet another insisted. “I am currently pregnant with #5 and plan on having an epidural, too. There is NO shame in giving birth the way that you want or need to! This was so beautiful to watch!”

We’re glad Joy-Anna and her daughter, Evelyn, are doing very well now. And we’re excited for more updates on Joy-Anna’s family soon.

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