Joy-Anna Duggar’s Followers Are Freaking Out After an Instagram Post Shows Her Son Near Power Tools

It’s hard to keep up with everything going on in the lives of Duggar family members. While Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar used to be the most interesting of the bunch, it’s now their 19 children who are stealing the attention. And Joy-Anna Duggar, along with her husband, Austin Forsyth, appear to be in the spotlight more than ever before.

Joy-Anna may be young, as she’s only 22, but she seems to be happily married. She and Austin have a 2-year-old son, Gideon. And since Austin flips houses for a living, Joy-Anna pitches in as well, giving them a strong bond and work ethic that the other Duggar couples might envy.

They don’t always hit the mark with their Instagram posts, though. And an Instagram post of Gideon around power tools without any ear protection has their followers furious.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth flip houses for a living

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The Duggar women typically care for the home and the family while the husbands are the breadwinners. This is generally the case for Joy-Anna and Austin, too — though Joy’s known for stepping in and helping out with her husband’s work. Since the beginning of their relationship, they both bonded over power tools and flipping homes. And they continue to work hard together while sharing their newest endeavors on Instagram.

“House projects are really good for couples to do together,” Joy-Anna said in a Counting On clip years ago. And the clip includes Austin showing Joy-Anna how to use all the tools he uses daily. He even mentions that after showing Joy-Anna how to work the tools, “she can figure it out and become better than you at it.”

The couple’s worked extremely hard on their home projects over the years. And they’ve found great success in flipping homes and selling them. They even lived in a camper with Gideon while working on their home projects, though they finally bought a place back in November 2019 to live in and renovate for themselves.

Joy-Anna posted photos of her son ‘learning’ how to help

Joy-Anna and Austin are busy with home renovations on their own house and others. As for Gideon, it looks like they’re letting him get in on the fun, too. Back in November 2019, Joy-Anna posted photos of Gideon as he watched and listened to his parents fixing up homes.

“Working as a family isn’t always the easiest these days, ‘cause Gideon is in that ‘I want to explore and touch everything’ stage, but it is the best!” the happy mom captioned the post. “It is so cute to watch him copy everything Austin does and try to ‘help’ him work!”

It looks like Gideon is at it again in his attempt at helping out. Joy-Anna posted a photo of her son helping Austin “clear land” with the help of some power tools on March 9.

Her followers are freaking out that she’s endangering Gideon

We’re sure Joy-Anna and Austin are quite careful around Gideon, but her followers don’t have that same confidence. The photo posted on March 9 shows Austin wearing ear protection and holding a chainsaw while Gideon stands unprotected. And this threw many into a frenzy.

“Austin has ear protection but your precious baby doesn’t??? Teaching ur kids that this deadly tool is a toy,” one follower commented.

“Why is a kid so small near a chainsaw,” another noted.

“Good idea to put a chainsaw in the hands of a 2 year old,” another added.

Joy-Anna clarified what was going on in the photo for her worried followers.

“It wasn’t running,” she commented back. “I just wanted to get a picture of Gideon with Austin!”

While many are quick to judge, others applauded Joy-Anna for clapping back at the haters.

“Your worried that Gideon doesnt have ear protection and not say anything about the equipment he is holding with Godeon there. Common sense would tell you it’s not on which means he doesnt need ear protection,” a supporter wrote. “Trust them they know what they are doing.”

We’re happy to see little Gideon “helping” out already, even if it means Joy-Anna and Austin have to deal with unnecessary backlash!

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