Joy-Anna Duggar’s Husband, Austin Forsyth, Referenced ‘Unresolved Conflict’ in New Interview

The Duggars are a controversial family who’ve graced TV screens for years. While Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were the ones who took over the spotlight at first, it’s now their adult kids who attained fame. And now that Joy-Anna Duggar is pregnant for the third time, all eyes are on her and husband Austin Forsyth as we await more baby news.

Joy-Anna and her husband have a healthy presence on their social media accounts, and they recently teamed up with the Freedomists to do a special YouTube Q&A. The entire interview was light-hearted — but Forsyth made a statement toward the end of the video about “unresolved conflicts” that had us thinking about what’s going on with the Duggars presently. Here’s what he said.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth are close with Joy-Anna’s family

The Duggars are a close-knit bunch, and it’s clear Joy-Anna and her husband have maintained a good relationship with Jim Bob and Michelle. The Duggars are known for having weekly family nights in their large Arkansas home. While not all of the family members attend (or are invited), Joy-Anna and Forsyth enjoy that time to be with everyone young and old.

“We see her family at least a couple of times a week,” Forsyth told YouTube. “Every Monday night we have family night at her parents’ house. So, we all get together, the ones that are in town, and just hang out, catch up, and try to stay close as a family.”

Joy-Anna even announced her recent pregnancy during a Duggar family gathering. She posted a video all about her experience with her third pregnancy, which is her first pregnancy after her last miscarriage at 20 weeks. And her entire family was around for the big reveal.

Jill Duggar’s husband, Derick Dillard, talked of a family rift

Joy-Anna may be close with the Duggars — but it’s clear that’s not the case for all of her siblings. There’s been talk of a rift between Jill Duggar and her parents for quite some time. And Jill’s husband, Derick Dillard, has come forward with some truths about the family.

According to Dillard, Jill needs express permission from Jim Bob before going to the large Duggar family home or attending any family events. And Derick also took to Instagram at the end of 2019 to share that Jill was pressured to continue filming Counting On despite not wanting to anymore.

Dillard didn’t stop with Instagram comments, either. He had an interview with the YouTuber Without a Crystal Ball, and he explained that he and Jill are no longer affiliated with the Institute of Basic Life Principles, which is the ministry Jill grew up in.

Forsyth referenced ‘unresolved conflict’ during an interview

We’re not sure how much Joy-Anna and her husband know about Jill’s current situation. But we can only imagine they’ve heard about the interview and read the headlines indicating a rift. While the couple’s interview with Freedomists was generally light-hearted, Forsyth mentioned some “unresolved conflicts” at the end when referencing how they’re getting through the coronavirus (COVID-19) scare.

“Try to make the best of the situation. Learn to get along with your families,” Forsyth noted. “Maybe there’s some unresolved conflict that’s been going on. Sit down and talk about it, and try to works things out. I think during hard times, we can all learn from it, and we can all better ourselves.”

The comment differed greatly in tone from the rest of the interview. We’re not sure if Forsyth was making a generalized statement or talking from experience, but given the circumstances with Jill, we wouldn’t be surprised if he’s referencing this. We’ll have to wait and see what comes of it.

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