Joy-Anna Duggar’s Still Allowing Her 2-Year-Old Son to Drink Coffee Despite Consistent Backlash

Now that many of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s kids are all grown up, we’re watching many of them step away from reality TV and go their own way. And that seems to be happening with Joy-Anna Duggar. Joy-Anna is currently pregnant with a little girl, and she and husband Austin Forsyth care for their smiley 2-year-old son, Gideon. Together, Joy-Anna and Austin share their house-flipping ventures and life as parents to their Instagrams and YouTube channels.

Joy-Anna’s taken plenty of missteps that displeased her fans, though. She’s shown that she has no qualms about giving Gideon coffee. And Austin recently posted even more evidence that he allows the little boy to have the drink despite the backlash of the past.

The Duggars appear to love coffee

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The Duggars abide by plenty of rules, and Jim Bob and Michelle have talked at length about them in the past. From what they wear to how they engage with courtships to what media they consume, when the Duggar kids are living under Jim Bob and Michelle’s roof, they have expectations to uphold.

However, it doesn’t look like there are any rules regarding caffeine consumption. According to Romper, Jinger Duggar admitted on an episode of Counting On that she’s a “coffee lover.” Jinger’s love of coffee is so well-known that when the word “decaf” was scrawled across her Starbucks cup, fans immediately thought this was a sign she could be pregnant. And she’s also posted photos of her daughter, Felicity, holding a decaf coffee.

“‘Don’t worry, mom! It’s only decaf,'” Jinger playfully captioned her photo of Felicity with a Starbucks cup held up to her face that was posted to Instagram back in February 2019.

Joy-Anna Duggar was reprimanded by fans for giving Gideon coffee in the past

It looks like Joy-Anna loves coffee as well — and she doesn’t think there’s an issue with giving her son any. Back in September 2019, Joy-Anna added a sweet photo of Gideon to her Instagram — and it showed him holding a cup of iced coffee.

“A little coffee to get him through the day,” she captioned the post. “Or maybe not… he already has more energy than I can keep up with.” Unsurprisingly, the coffee-drinking didn’t go over well with her followers.

“Cute shot but you don’t give a one year old coffee or pop (soda),” a follower commented.

“You will never hear the end of people judging you for the coffee,” another added.

Many others supported Joy-Anna despite the backlash she got.

“Let that baby enjoy a sip of momma’s drink!!” another follower noted. “My 2 yr old granddaughter has been drinking flavored decaf iced coffee randomly for almost a year now. Her pediatrician knows and didn’t say a word about it.”

Austin Forsyth posted another photo of Gideon with his own cup of coffee

Despite the backlash Joy-Anna got back in 2019, it looks like she and Austin are still posting photos of Gideon drinking coffee. Austin posted a photo of himself and Gideon each enjoying their separate drinks to his Instagram on May 28. “Coffee in hand, ready to work,” he captioned the post. He also added a “#decaf” hashtag.

“So sweet! Why do you drink decaf?” a follower asked.

To that, Austin answered, “Gid is drinking decaf!”

As the first coffee post last year, some followers aren’t too happy with the parenting choices being made here.

“Gideon is too little for any coffee. It’s not good for him,” a follower commented. “Give him hot Chocolate instead. I love you guys. I’m not being judgemental.”

Others came to Joy-Anna and Austin’s defense, though.

“You could just either keep your comment to yourself or say something not judgmental … it’s THEIR child. NOT yours!!” a fan wrote back. “Let them raise their own child.”

There’s no doubt Joy-Anna and Austin will have to continue defending their parenting tactics as they continue posting them to Instagram. But we’re glad they take it all with a grain of salt and keep posting exactly what they want.

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