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Mathis Family Matters returns with episode 8. This time, the focus of the TV show is on Judge Mathis’ daughter and her quest to find love. Judge Mathis also learns he’s about to get a special honor. Here’s what happened last time on the reality show.

Judge Mathis gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Jade Mathis poses on the red carpet at an event for Mathis Family Matters.
Jade Mathis | Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Judge Mathis gets a call from TV executive David McGuire. At first, Mathis thinks he’s in trouble because he said a guest on his show “might have been a crackhead,” but he eventually learns McGuire is calling with good news.

McGuire tells Mathis he just got a phone call from the Hollywood chamber of commerce, and they want to give him a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Mathis once said that after he won an Emmy in 2018, he had one more goal. That goal was to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Mathis’ wife, Linda, says his star is a “wonderful thing for the legacy of this family.”

Judge Mathis’ daughter is exploring the dating scene

Mathis’ daughter, Jade, is ready to start dating again. She says she has a lot of male friends, but she hasn’t dated any of them seriously until now. She dated one friend in particular, Derrick, for about four months. However, Jade felt he was moving a little too slow. She says she eventually wants a family, so she stopped spending time with him.

However, Jade and Derrick decided to reconnect after she bumped into him during brunch. She says they began to see each other every weekend. “Having a family of my own is important to me,” says Jade. “A mini me that I can teach, that I can love. I want a spouse that I can experience life with.” Jade says Derrick has two children and she believes he’s a good father.

So far, Jade’s bother, Greg Jr., and Elliott, like Derrick. They’re impressed that he traveled all the way from Washington, D.C., to go on a date with Jade. He also brought a bouquet of flowers for their date.

Derrick tells Jade that he has considered moving out to Los Angeles. But he told her that that if he did move, his main reason would be for her. Jade tells him that she’s ready for something serious. She wants to settle down and eventually have a child. She also tells Derrick that her parents want to meet him.

When Derrick meets Jade’s parents, one problem pops up. He already has two children, and he makes it clear that he doesn’t want more kids. Jade feels like she has a connection with Derrick, but she doesn’t want to compromise on becoming a mother one day.

Judge Mathis’ wife hires a nutritionist

Linda wants to help Mathis look and feel good now that he’s getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The nutritionist started by looking inside Mathis’ refrigerator. She saw hot dogs and bacon but told him it’s OK to eat in moderation.

She also saw a lot of dressings in his refrigerator and suggested Greek yogurt as a substitute for sour cream. The nutritionist also recommended that he limit his snacking to once a day. Mathis agreed, but he later said that he’s going to eat his favorite things when no one is looking. He also hid some of his favorite snacks.

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