Judge Mathis’ Son and His Boyfriend Take a Big Step in Their Relationship and Amir Has an Announcement

Mathis Family Matters is back for the season finale. Here’s what happened last time on the reality TV show.

Elliott and Jade discuss whether to stay in Los Angeles

Greg Mathis Jr., Amir Mathis, and Elliott Cooper at an event for Mathis Family Matters on E!
Greg Mathis Jr., Amir Mathis and Elliott Cooper | Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Greg Mathis / Judge Mathis

Elliott (Greg Jr.’s boyfriend) and Jade (Judge Mathis’ daughter) have a conversation about whether they want to stay in Los Angeles. Jade says she is “all the way on the fence” when it comes to deciding whether to remain in Los Angeles or return to Washington, D.C. Elliott is also not sure what he wants to do yet.

Jade says one thing she does like about being in Los Angeles is that she has her family around her. She has depression, so it helps to have people she knows and loves close by. Jade says she would probably cry if she went back to Washington, D.C. and Greg and Elliott decided to stay in Los Angeles.

“Living with depression can be heavy in general,” says Jade. “Greg and Elliott have really been a rock in my life. They’re a huge support system during those sad and difficult times.”

Jade later says she can see herself spending time in both Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles. She still needs time to see where her career takes her.

Greg Jr. and Elliott take a big step in their relationship

Greg and Elliott moved from Washington, D.C., to Los Angeles as a trial to see if they wanted to stay. Greg decided he would like to live and work in Los Angeles, but Elliott isn’t convinced. However, he did agree to the trial period.

Elliott later decides he does want to say in Los Angeles. He gets down on one knee during a family celebration and asks Greg if he will move to Los Angeles with him.

Greg’s family was taken off guard because they thought it was a marriage proposal. Amir joked that when Elliott really does propose he won’t care.

Amir makes a big announcement

Amir stopped by his parent’s house and told them he saw a shaman. He explained that he’s working on his personal development. Amir also let his parents know that he filed his divorce papers.

Amir says he felt emotional when filing his paperwork. His marriage is over, but he hasn’t given up on finding love. He describes feeling like a weight was lifted from him after filing his divorce papers.

“I felt like the pressure of the world was on [me and my ex-wife] to succeed,” he says. “But it felt like weight was lifted off of me.”

Judge Mathis advises his son to find a woman like his mother. “You need a woman like your mother because ultimately it will pay off for everybody,” he says.

Judge Mathis prepares for the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony

Judge Mathis prepares for his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. He reflects on his career and how far he has come. He says his success is only possible because of the support of his family. Mathis says his wife, Linda, was very understanding when he had to work long hours.

“The star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is certainly my highest professional achievement,” says Mathis during his reality show. “But it was really my family that was the foundation of my success. After coming out of the streets in Detroit, Linda allowed me to work 15 hours a day, five, six days a week. So, it’s that support that allowed me to pursue the success that you see.”

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