Judge Mathis’ Son Starts a Podcast and His Wife Faces Her Fear of Public Speaking

Mathis Family Matters is back for episode 9. Here’s what happened last time on the reality TV show.

Amir prepares for his first podcast with Judge Mathis

Judge Greg Mathis stands with his son Amir and wife, Linda.
Amir Mathis, Linda Mathis, and Judge Greg Mathis | Rich Polk/Getty Images for the Critics Choice Real TV Awards

Amir, Judge Mathis’ youngest son, is preparing to record his first podcast with his father. The podcast is about celebrity court cases. Amir suggests covering Jussie Smollet as their test episode.

Amir is nervous because he wants his father to approve. He also wants his father to work with him again. He’s concerned that if everything doesn’t go well that Judge Mathis won’t want to do another project with him.

“There are some fears working with my dad on a podcast,” says Amir during Mathis Family Matters. “He’s been on television for 24 years. Myself, I’ve been behind the screen as a producer for 10 years. If I can’t keep up with my dad, maybe he wouldn’t work with me again.”

Amir is interested in doing a podcast because he wants to be more well-rounded as a producer. “I know what I want out of my career, but it’s important for my dad to see me in that light also,” he says.

The first episode is a little rocky because Amir doesn’t know all the technical legal terms. Judge Mathis tries to help him out, but he tells his son to “be who you are.” He reminds him that he’s not a lawyer, so he should try to steer clear of too much technical jargon.

Judge Mathis’ wife prepares to speak at a social event

Judge Mathis’ wife, Linda, along with their daughter, Camara, started an organization called She Social. Linda is planning to hold the event at her home, but she’s anxious because she will have to speak in front of an audience.

“I’ve always had a fear of speaking in public,” says Linda. She told her daughter and husband that when she was in college, she didn’t do well in her public speaking classes. She says whenever she would get up to speak, her papers would be “flying everywhere” and she felt like a “deer in headlights.”

Linda says it’s tough for her to speak publicly because she starts thinking ahead while she’s delivering her speech. “What happens with me is, when I’m speaking, I start to think about my next step of what I’m going to talk about,” says Linda. “And that’s a problem. I have to stay present.” Although Linda was nervous about her event, everything went well.

Jade came to Linda’s house to help her prepare her speech. She has experience with public speaking, so she thought she might be able to assist her mother. “In addition to being a prosecutor in D.C., on the weekends I moonlighted as a public speaker on mental health and criminal justice reform,” says Jade.

During a flashback clip, Jade is seen talking about her mental health diagnosis. She revealed that more than 10 years ago she was diagnosed with ADHD ad clinical depression. “During that time, I decided that I was not going to let my diagnosis defeat or define me,” says Jade.

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