Judy Greer’s ‘House’ Appearance Isn’t Her Only 1 on a Medical Drama

House MD is one of the most prominent and well-written medical dramas. With the exceptional cast, it’s easy to forget about guest stars who added to the TV show’s appeal. One of those stars includes Arrested Development’s, Judy Greer. Greer had a guest stint on the popular medical drama. Interestingly, her House appearance isn’t her only one in a medical drama.

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Judy Greer played Morgan West on ‘House MD’

Greer appeared on House M.D. in season 5’s “Here Kitty” episode. She played Morgan West, a nurse-home worker who fakes an illness to get House’s attention after a cat named Debbie sleeps next to her.

According to Morgan, the cat can accurately predict a person’s death by sleeping next to them. House dismisses her as a fake, but he is nonetheless intrigued by her theory about the death-predicting cat. He sets out to disprove the theory by making the cat sleep next to three coma patients, including a firefighter who dies later in the episode.

Although the doctors discover that Morgan faked her seizures, they find out she has a much more serious illness, and House and his team are forced to dig deeper into the mystery. They rule out multiple illnesses, but House discovers the cat sitting on his warm computer.

He realizes that Debbie is attracted to warmth which explains why she was always attracted to dying patients because of the heat that comes from their heating blankets. Meanwhile, Morgan is scheduled for a brain surgery that House interrupts after diagnosing her with a carcinoid tumor of the appendix.

Morgan thanks House for preventing her from getting the surgery done, but House points out that she was willing to get an unnecessary surgery based on a crazy suspicion. Morgan reveals that Baptist William Miller, whom House had compared her to earlier, still had a large following even after continuously inaccurately predicting the second coming.

Morgan tells House that was the case for Miller because he gave people something to live for. House wishes her well and leaves.

Judy Greer also appeared on ‘ER’

Greer is no stranger to medical dramas. House isn’t the only guest role the actor has held throughout her career. Greer also had a guest stint on the beloved medical series ER. Greer’s part was minor in the show’s season 15-episode 17, titled “T-Minus 6.” She played a character named TildIe Mulligan.

The episode revolves around Angela Basset’s character Catherine and her husband Russell, played by Courtney B Vance, who are looking to adopt. Although the episode balances out the characters and storylines, Greer’s cameo is almost forgettable.

Other Judy Greer projects

Critics have called Greer a “character actress” as she usually plays unusual but eccentric characters. The actor rose to prominence in the late ’90s after appearing in movies like Jawbreaker, What Women Want, and famously alongside Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo in 13 Going On 30.

Greer was cast in Arrested Development in 2003 to play Kitty Sanchez. Her role on the Fox comedy series was in a recurring capacity, and she appeared for a total of 10 episodes playing Jason Bateman’s character’s assistant.

In 2007 she appeared in Two and A Half Men and she had a stint on The Big Bang Theory and Mom. Greer appeared in 27 Dresses alongside Katherine Heigl, playing Heigl’s best friend the following year.

She took on the best friend role in yet another movie in 2009 alongside Jennifer Aniston. The actor is also known for lending her voice to the famous adult animation Archer where she’s voiced Cheryl Tunt since 2009.

In 2011, Greer appeared alongside George Clooney in The Descendants. Although the role was minor, she got rave reviews and was nominated for several awards. According to her IMDb page, Greer has 155 acting credits. Her most recent work is The Thing About Pam, where she stars alongside Renee Zellweger and Josh Duhamel.

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