Julia Roberts Said 1 Co-Star Was ‘Completely Disgusting’

Julia Roberts is an iconic actor who rose to fame after a series of roles in high-profile romantic comedies. Even after decades in the business, Roberts remains one of America’s favorite stars, a woman who can captivate a room with the brilliance of her smile. Roberts is known for her good nature and affability, however, even “America’s Sweetheart” has her days. Reportedly, Roberts was once involved in a notorious feud with one of her co-stars from the early nineties. 

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How did Julia Roberts become famous?

Julia Roberts was born in Georgia in 1967. Raised in a family of playwrights and actors, Roberts’ early ambition was to be a veterinarian. However, by the time she graduated from high school, she had turned her attention to acting. In the late eighties, Roberts began landing roles in television and film projects, and it wasn’t long before the stunning Roberts had her first hit, in the 1988 independent film, Mystic Pizza, according to IMDb.

In 1989, Roberts appeared in another fan-favorite film, the cult classic Steel Magnolias. Roberts performance, as a young woman struggling with diabetes, was critically acclaimed, and she received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her work in the film. Although by this time, Roberts was a star on the rise, the following year would bring her biggest film to date, and one that would define the first decade of her career. 

Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte co-starred in ‘I Love Trouble’

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In 1990, Julia Roberts appeared in the film Pretty Woman, opposite Richard Gere. Roberts was perfect for the role, and she became a huge star after the film’s release. Not only did Roberts score her second Academy Award nomination for the role of Vivian Ward, but she also won a Golden Globe Award. There was a lot of pressure on Roberts to follow up her success in Pretty Woman with more high-profile roles, and she did not disappoint — in rapid succession, she appeared in movies such as Sleeping with the Enemy, Hook, and The Player.

Roberts’ work in the 1993 film I Love Trouble was not so well-received, however. The film, which was a comedy with a dramatic twist, co-starred Nick Nolte, an actor who first rose to fame in the seventies and had earned acclaim for his work in movies such as The Prince of Tides. It certainly seemed like dream casting, however, it didn’t take long before reports started circulating that indicated Roberts and Nolte did not get along during filming of I Love Trouble

Did Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte have a feud?

In 1993, around the time that I Love Trouble was released, Julia Roberts opened up about Nick Nolte in a revealing interview with The New York Times, dropping more than a few clues about her relationship with her co-star. “From the moment I met him we sort of gave each other a hard time,” Roberts stated in the interview. “And naturally we get on each other’s nerves.” Roberts also went on to call Nolte “completely disgusting,” and that “he seems go out of his way to repel people.”

After I Love Trouble was released, rumors of a feud between Roberts and Nolte persisted, with some sources claiming that the two had to work with each other’s stand-ins on set because they were incapable of getting along for extended periods of time, according to Vanity Fair. Whatever the truth of the matter is, Roberts and Nolte have not worked together since — which might lend some credence to the idea that the two simply can’t stand each other.