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Although she has nothing but love for him, actor Julie Bowen from Modern Family says she’s taking a hard pass on dating comedian David Spade again.

Bowen surprised fans when she and Spade dated. Even Spade is shocked he has dated an impressive list of beautiful women.

Julie Bowen & David Spade
Julie Bowen & David Spade | Jim Spellman/WireImage

“I get it,” he told Page Six. “But I think it was more played up because I didn’t seem like this guy that goes out with girls at all so if there’s one or two pretty ones it’s so astounding, everyone freaks out and you write an article, ‘Oh a pretty girl went out with this guy!’”

“They do articles like gross guys and pretty girls in Hollywood. Listen, I just saw myself in The Wrong Missy and went, ‘Oof I am no prize, Jesus.’ So I’ve got to call Kylie Jenner and get all her people and really fix me up.”

Spade is a good friend but not a good boyfriend

Bowen discussed her relationship with Spade on the Life is Short with Justin Long podcast. She said she actually talks to Spade quite a bit but they are better as friends than as a couple. “Sweet David,” Bowen said about Spade. “Sweet David, and I love him and I talk to him a lot and I will say this to his face, he’s a lovely person and a good friend, not a great boyfriend.”

“Maybe that’s not who you want to date. He needs to be free,” she continued joking that Justin Long should not date Spade. “You should not date David Spade, but I don’t regret dating him because he’s a lovely person.”

She admits that one of her sisters didn’t understand the love connection. But she explained that a funny man is an attractive man. “One of my sisters [was] like, ‘I don’t get it.’ This is my sister Molly and I took to her David’s standup in Miami that year, it was so long ago, and by the end of the show she goes, ‘I’d f**k him.’ I was like, ‘You see? Funny counts.’”

Bowen now feels as though she’s eternally dating

Despite keeping Spade in the friend zone, she still says dating is no picnic either. “I think now that I have three kids I do have this feeling like I’m always dating. I’m constantly dating and it’s the worst dates of my life. I date three guys, they never pick up the check,” she said.

“They don’t make their beds. They’re my sons. These are my dates,” she continued. “I have to cook for them and do their laundry. But they do suck all of my time … and I also keep thinking, ‘Well, I need to make more time for a social life or for dating,’ and I’m like, ‘Where?'”  


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Bowen shared that like Spade, she is still friends with her ex-husband. “I’m close with my ex-husband, but I was married for 14 years. Before that, who was I dating, David Spade?”