‘Justice League’ Snyder Cut Was Supposed to Feature Time Travel

As fans have already begun to learn, there’s a lot more coming their way in the Justice League Snyder cut than just a few more deleted scenes. Entire character appearances, subplots, and sequences were chopped out following director Zack Snyder’s exit. But one thing many moviegoers may still be surprised to learn was supposed to be in the final cut: time travel.

Ezra Miller at the 'Justice League' premiere
Ezra Miller at the ‘Justice League’ premiere | Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

Fans will finally see ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ in 2021

The Justice League Snyder cut — or Zack Snyder’s Justice League, as it’s now being called — was the stuff of legend for more than two years. Fans online analyzed, debated, and — yes — obsessed over what Snyder’s original vision would have been. And more to the point, they wanted to know if there was any chance they could still see it brought to life.

Thus #ReleaseTheSnyderCut was born. And after years of impassioned campaigning, ardent fans of the DC Extended Universe had their faith rewarded. During a watch party for Man of Steel, Snyder and Superman actor Henry Cavill announced the Justice League Snyder cut would debut on HBO Max in 2021.

At this point, there’s no telling exactly what footage will appear in the new version. But since Warner Bros. is investing reportedly up to $30 million, fans have reason to believe Snyder will go all out to ensure the finished product closely resembles what he intended Justice League to be. More than likely, that means time travel will play a pivotal role in the film’s climax.

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The new version will likely include the critical addition of time travel

In an earlier version of the movie, the Justice League would fail to save the world. With time running short, Cyborg (Ray Fisher) attempts to prevent the Mother Boxes from converging. And he would fail. This would lead The Flash (Ezra Miller) to race back through time, giving Cyborg another shot at saving the world.

Notably, Superman: The Movie applies a similar narrative trick. After Superman (Christopher Reeve) fails to save Lois’ (Margot Kidder) life, he flies around the world in reverse so fast it turns time backward. Snyder’s Justice League could have been paying intentional homage to DC’s cinematic past.

In any case, the Justice League Snyder cut wouldn’t be the first hint of DCEU time travel. In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, The Flash appears to Batman (Ben Affleck) with a warning about what lies ahead. Of course, this would have tied into Snyder’s long-term DCEU plans. But if his Justice League restores the time travel element, it could still set up something big.

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The Flash’s role could lead right into his very own movie

For years, The Flash was earmarked to receive his own movie. After all, Grant Gustin has played the character successfully for several seasons on The CW. So naturally, Warner Bros. would aim to tap into the hero’s built-in appeal. Yet, The Flash has been perpetually delayed. The most likely reason? Because of how much it ties into the earlier, messier parts of the DCEU.

According to reports, The Flash will draw inspiration heavily from the comics’ Flashpoint storyline. The original story centers on Miller’s Barry Allen rashly going back in time to change something personal. As a result, he throws off the timeline and winds up in a dark world where Aquaman and Wonder Woman wage war.

Likely, The Flash’s momentary zip back in time to buy Cyborg another chance to dismantle the Mother Boxes isn’t enough to create such cataclysmic change. But it does establish for audiences his capability to rewind the clock and effect change. This could be enough to effectively set up The Flash movie before its summer 2022 release date.