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Kanye West Goes on a Date With Julia Fox After Being Spotted With Scantily Clad Women in His Hotel Room Amid Kim Kardashian West Divorce

Kanye West recently went on a date with actor Julia Fox after being spotted hanging out in a hotel room with two women. These dates are surprising considering West's recent public pleas to reconcile with Kim Kardashian West, whom he is in the midst of divorcing.

Kanye West is moving on, despite his recent attempts to reconcile with Kim Kardashian West. The Donda rapper went on a date with actor Julia Fox just after being spotted with multiple women hanging out on his hotel balcony. Here’s everything we know so far about West’s date with Fox, the other women, and what it means for his relationship with Kardashian West. 

Julia Fox poses at an event.
Julia Fox | Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images

Kanye West went on a date with actor Julia Fox

Rapper Kanye West is starting the New Year with a new partner. The musician was spotted on a date with actor Julia Fox on Saturday, Jan. 1. 

Fox starred in the 2019 Adam Sandler comedy-drama movie Uncut Gems. According to TMZ, the two celebrities dined at Carbone, an Italian restaurant in Miami. 

A source told TMZ that West’s date with Fox was “nothing serious,” but the rapper is “embracing single life” and “seems happier now than he has in a long, long time.”

Kanye West was seen hanging out in his hotel room with two other scantily clad women before his date with Julia Fox

It seems like West really is just having fun and dating around because before his dinner date with Fox, West was spotted hanging out with a couple of scantily clad women in his hotel room. 

The same day West dined out with Fox, he entertained at least two women in his Miami hotel room, according to Daily Mail

West was photographed with a woman in a white crop top on the hotel balcony before a third woman wearing a shirt open down to the waist emerged. 


Kim Kardashian West and Pete Davidson Double Date With Scott Disick and a Mystery Woman to See ‘Spider-Man’ Movie

The rapper recently pleaded with Kim Kardashian West to ‘run right back’ to him

Although Kim Kardashian West is dating Pete Davidson, the news of West’s dates is somewhat surprising considering his recent public pleas to the reality star. 

On Dec. 9, West made it clear that he was hoping for a reconciliation with Kardashian West when he begged her to come back to him during a live show. During his performance of the song “Runaway,” West spoke directly to Kim by saying, “Baby, I need you to run right back to me … more specifically, Kimberly.”

He also recently said that God would reunite him with the reality star and that Kardashian West is still legally his wife since the divorce process isn’t over yet. 

But in court documents related to their divorce, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star said that their “marriage has irremediably broken down.” 

The court documents also said that “there is no question that the marriage of the parties is no longer viable,” and “[Kardashian] has no desire to reconcile with [West] and wants their marriage terminated.”

The reasons for the divorce were described as “irreconcilable differences [that] have led to the irremediable breakdown of the marriage, and there is no possibility of saving the marriage through counseling or other means.”