Kanye West Has Nicki Minaj Fans Mad Over ‘New Body’ Track

Kanye West is currently in the news rotation for his political aspirations, but he is managing to grab attention for some of his other ventures. If you cast the presidential wishes aside, you’ll find West is busy with his apparel design business and music too.

He plans on dropping a new project soon and fans have been hoping to finally get some ear candy in the form of an unreleased Nicki Minaj track called “New Body.” But it seems West rained on their parade.

Kanye West
Kanye West | Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images

Fans tagged Kim Kardashian West into ‘New Body’ campaign

“New Body” features Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, and Ty Dolla $ign, and was first heard in an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians last year. It was supposed to be on West’s Yandhi album, but the song leaked on the internet.

Back in June, fans hit the social media airwaves to beg, goad, or respectfully request that Kim Kardashian West get her husband to drop “New Body” on a streaming platform. They were egged on by Nicki Minaj herself who tweeted, “Light up KIM comments everyday if you want NB.”

Minaj also explained that West wanted to turn it into a gospel song, and she didn’t know its status. She deleted the tweet, but not before the Barbz had a chance to carry out their mission with Kardashian West. There’s an entire thread in the tweet below.

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Kanye West tweeted and deleted a clue about ‘New Body’

West was active on Twitter between July 17-18 to drum up support for his political efforts in South Carolina, and to share an unofficial announcement about an upcoming album. The post about the album was either accidental or a tease because he quickly deleted it, but not before folks screenshot it.

It contained a handwritten track list with titles such as “Donda,” “Off the Grid,” and the sought-after, elusive “New Body.”

West noted the album would drop on July 24, giving people something to mark on their calendars. Excitement kicked in for a few social media fans upon seeing the song on the list, but the feeling was short-lived.

Fans angry Nicki Minaj verse removed from ‘New Body’

The investigative force behind the internet quickly learned that “New Body” won’t be the same when it’s released because allegedly, Nicki Minaj’s verse has been removed. “Nicki” became the Twitter rallying cry for heated fans who don’t understand why West took her off the song.

One person wrote, “Nicki is the reason we even wanted that song & you think we gon’ listen if you take her off?” This comment received thousands of likes: “Kanye West took Nicki’s verse OFF New Body and he’s releasing it, do NOT stream that trash a*s song.”

Another added, “Kanye running for president is one thing but taking nicki off new body… unforgivable.”

Some fans want Minaj to buy the song from West and release it herself and others are hoping a fan-made Minaj remix is put on YouTube. It is unclear whether West intends to respond to the backlash over this song.

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