Kanye West, Presidential Hopeful, Admits He’s Never Voted In A Presidential Election

Since announcing his plans to run for president in July, a whirlwind of events has transpired in musician Kanye West’s life. Despite receiving an onslaught of negative feedback from the media and public about his late efforts to join the presidential election ballot, West has continued to push forward, registering for the ballot in several states. 

However, despite investing nearly $6 million into his campaign and consulting with GOP operatives, West’s bid for becoming president still remains a long-shot. He has been blocked from the ballot in several states, and mathematically it is impossible for him to win. What’s even more interesting is that although West desires to obtain votes from Americans, he admits that he’s actually never voted in a presidential election himself. 

Kanye West announced his plans to run for president in July 2020

Amidst heavy criticism, West announced that he would indeed be running in the 2020 presidential election. Despite the fact that he had only four months to build a campaign that would garner the required votes to win, West continued to push forward, registering for the ballot in several states and hosting campaign events throughout the United States. 

One of the most memorable moments of his campaign thus far was a wild rally he hosted in South Carolina in late July. During the rally, he made several controversial comments, including remarks that “Harriet Tubman never actually freed slaves” and that he and his wife nearly aborted their first child, North West. 

West has gotten mixed results with garnering support for his campaign

As the election nears, West is working overtime to get his name on the ballot in as many states as possible. However, he has faced resistance at every turn and is currently only registered for the ballot in 10 states, according to CNN. He was recently kicked off the ballot in Virginia by a judge for “fraudulently or improperly collected signatures,” and was blocked from the ballot in Arizona. 

Despite his efforts, political professionals on both sides believe that West’s campaign is little more than an attempt to take voters away from Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Historically, Black voters have remained loyal to the democratic party, which is causing pundits to believe his campaign is only aiding Trump’s reelection campaign. 

“I think, unfortunately, he’s being used by these Republicans,” said Quentin James, founder and president of The Collective PAC. “We want to see Black voters and their voices heard at the ballot box. Not by voting for Kanye West, who has no shot right to bring forth new ideas to win the White House.”

Kanye West has never voted in a presidential election

Ironically, although West is working hard to secure voters for the upcoming election, the rapper has never voted in a presidential election, himself. During a conversation with Forbes, he revealed that he just registered to vote for the first time in July.  

West remains committed to his campaign, even though it’s mathematically impossible for him to win. When asked about this reality, he simply said “I’m not going to argue with you. Jesus is King.”