Kardashian Fans Can’t Stop Roasting Kanye West’s Boots

Kanye West — love him or hate him, he has a style uniquely his own. Though Ye has been called a fashion visionary, some Kardashian fans think he looks more like a 5-year-old dressing himself for the first time. Recently, the paparazzi snapped Ye out and about with his daughters. Fans uploaded the photos to Reddit to share their thoughts on Kanye West’s boots and the rest of his outfit. 

Fashion visionary or 5-year-old dressing himself for the 1st time? 

Kanye West boots
Ye loves big boots | Marc Piasecki/GC Images; David Livingston/Getty Images; Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

Reddit is the place to go for A-plus commentary, and these Kardashian fans didn’t disappoint while roasting Ye’s latest look. In the photos, he sports black pants, a black T-shirt, and a sweatshirt that looks like it might be his 10-year-old daughter’s.

One Reddit user even wondered, “Why is his sweatshirt two sizes too small?”

Another user responded, “Let him have his cropped moment. He wants to look snatched.” 

Ye’s questionable outfit wouldn’t be complete with his new staple accessary, Balenciaga x Crocs Rain Boots. According to Saks Fifth Avenue, they cost about $895 per pair.

Though that price might seem steep in this economy, don’t worry — Ye is getting his money’s worth because he doesn’t seem to wear anything else.

Redditors didn’t go easy on the “City of Gods” artist regarding his favorite footwear choice, either. The boot commentary definitely deserves some attention. 

Fans say Kanye West’s muck boots must go 

Though Ye owns a lot of horses, it remains unclear if he’s ever actually mucked out a horse stall. Regardless, he’s gone all-in on making muck boots his new look.

But fans aren’t having it. Reddit users joined the discussion to share their thoughts regarding the Balenciaga x Crocs Rain Boots that Ye has been sporting around Los Angeles. 

One user wrote, “Not the Muck Boots again.”

A second chimed in with the comment, “Every time I see him wearing these damn boots, I think, stop trying to make fetch happen! It’s not going to happen!”

Another comment in the Reddit discourse regarding Kanye West’s boots came from a user who wrote, “My brother is a British farmer and wears a hoodie and Wellington boots almost constantly … is it stylish?? For real, those Wellingtons must be so sweaty in the LA heat.”

Another Redditor summed up what everyone was thinking: “Please, someone, take the boots from him.”

But some fans relate to Kanye West’s choice of footwear

Fans don’t know what to make of Kanye West’s new signature “muck boot” look. While some think he needs to throw them to the curb, others find Ye’s recent fashion choices relatable.

One Reddit user joked, “He is dressed like how I dress when I take my dogs out to pee in the snow. So rude of him not to credit me.”

A second captioned Ye’s recent photos, “Putting on the first thing you can find early in the morning, hoping you don’t run into your neighbors.” 

Other fans tried to make sense of Ye’s look. One asked, “Why does he dress like he came off the fishing boat from Wicked Tuna?”

Another wondered, “This man only owns one pair of shoes?”

A user responded, “That child support hitting hard … down to one pair of shoes.”

No one knows what to make of Ye’s latest fashion choices or his signature boots. Memes have even begun circulating, questioning how big his shoes will get. Only time will tell how long this fashion visionary will continue to make $895 “muck boots” his footwear of choice. 

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