Kary Brittingham’s Debut ‘RHOD’ Season Foreshadowed Her Divorce and Andy Cohen Noticed

Although the Real Housewives franchise isn’t famous for its healthy portrayal of marriage, it banks on the relationship status of its most famous personalities. Sometimes, the unions that make them Real, however, crumble before the eyes of the audience. This was the case with Real Housewives of Dallas star Kary Brittingham, whose marriage woes appeared on screen long before the news of her divorce did. 

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Marriage and ‘Housewives’

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Nobody goes to the Real Housewives for a portrait of everyday married life. Those belong on HGTV. People want the drama, the volatile tempers, and the snake-like movements of the titular characters. As Page Six notes, each series is a collection of newlyweds, divorcees, and soon-to-be-divorcees of a different kind than fans may know.

However, while the entire franchise runs on the back of unrelatable marriages of the rich and famous, it doesn’t mean it’s all done for the camera. The Brittinghams spent two years awkwardly falling apart in front of the camera. However, the marriage finally came to a halt right before the audience’s eyes. 

Kary Brittingham’s marriage story

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When Brittingham entered the Housewives’ universe, she did so without the fairy tale dynamic that so many affluent brides in the series thrive off of. From the get-go, when Brittingham joined the series in 2019, she didn’t seem overly confident about the future of her marriage in a recent reunion special. Reality Tea noted how a 2019 quote foreshadowed the end of the wedding.

“I still got married with a pre-nuptial agreement. When you get older, you realize it’s like, ‘Okay, what if he decides to leave me? As a woman, it’s a very vulnerable place to be,” Kary said in a quote replayed on the season five reunion special. 

According to People, Kary already had three kids from a previous marriage when she met her soon-to-be ex-husband and married him in 2009 at a ceremony in Careyes, Mexico. The future reality television star gave birth to her youngest daughter, Isabella, soon after. However, as the years went on, something changed in their marriage’s dynamic. 

According to Kary, she and Eduardo were less like a married couple and more roommates who happened to be under the same roof. It’s a dynamic that fans noticed from the very beginning. 

The real divorcee of Dallas

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Kary and Eduardo never had a loving relationship on camera. While the husbands can often fade into the background, even the most volatile relationships typically have a little heat behind them. For the Brittinghams however, their marriage looked dead before it had a chance to arrive. 

The couple bickered about everything, and Kary’s noted temper often got her the last word. When the news of their divorce broke on the show, Andy Cohen asked her about the relationship, harkening back to her earlier quote about her ex-husband’s financial moves.

In a piece recalled on Bravo, Cohen wanted to make sure she was doing well, asking Kary, “Are you going to be taken care of, do you feel like? Are you on your own?” Kary assured Cohen that she and the rest of the family would be fine. She believes that the frightening journey ahead of her will only get better with time.

“We sold our house. And he did help me some with the prenuptial agreement that we have. Obviously, I have a jewelry business that I’ve been working on and trying to build. I am going to have to work and make my own money. It’s definitely scary, but I can do it,” she told the host. 

Now, she has to wait and see what the next chapter entails. It’s all fun and games for the antics on these shows, but behind it is a roster of real people with real problems and concerns. Kary Brittingham showed this firsthand, and while it might be good for ratings, it also shows what goes on in a loveless marriage such as theirs.