Inside Kat Von D’s Net Worth and How She Became Famous

Kat Von D has been in the public eye since she made a name for herself on Miami Ink — subsequently getting her own reality series, LA Ink. As a female tattoo artist, she had a lot to prove and she did.

Riding the wave of the success from her reality series, Von D launched her own makeup line in 2008 with the cosmetic brand, Sephora, and the rest has been a whirlwind.

Take an inside look at how Kat Von D became famous as well as her astounding net worth.

This is how Kat Von D became famous

Before she became a makeup mogul, Kat Von D got her start on the hit reality show, Miami Ink. She became an overnight sensation when her spin-off show L.A. Ink premiered on TLC in 2007.

That was just the beginning for the tattoo and makeup artist. Von D opened her own tattoo shop, High Voltage Tattoo in Hollywood, California and broke a Guinness World Record for the most tattoos given by one person.

She went on to write a book, and in 2008 she launched her makeup line, Kat Von D Beauty. Von D’s makeup line is both vegan and cruelty-free makeup line. The makeup artist has also been controversial in the past few years because of her advocacy against vaccinations. However, she has since adjusted her stance.

“After doing a bunch of research, naturally I experienced some hesitancy,” she said. “If I would have known that I would have let so many people down with that I would have never ever shared where we were at with that at that time.”

Kat Von D just stepped down from her company

After more than a decade at the helm of her beauty brand, Kat Von D has stepped down. The LA Ink alum made the announcement seemingly out of nowhere.

“This past year has been one of great change for me,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “As many of you know, I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy, launched my vegan shoe line, and am now busy prepping to release my long-awaited album in the spring, followed by an international tour! As much as I wish I could balance all of this, on top of continuing my makeup line, it has become clear to me that I just can’t do everything at the maximum capacity. It’s hard to admit this, since I’ve always said ‘You can do everything and anything.’ But I don’t think admitting one’s limits is a bad thing. This was not an easy decision, but after careful consideration, I decided I wanted the makeup line to continue to thrive and grow, and Kendo is primed to do just that.”

From here on out, Von D will not be involved in the line whatsoever as she has sold her shares to Kendo beauty conglomerate. Additionally, the line will be called, KVD Vegan Beauty.

Kat Von D’s net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth — Von D is worth an astounding $14 million. From her reality television series to her books and certainly her beloved makeup line –the beauty mogul has made quite the fortune for herself. Her net worth might increase even more with the sale of her makeup line.