Royal Fans Were Convinced Kate Middleton’s Mother Orchestrated Her Relationship With Prince William

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has been a part of Prince William‘s life for nearly 20 years. The beloved royal couple met at St. Andrews University in 2001 and became fast friends before they began dating shortly thereafter. Though the duo was able to enjoy their relationship privately, as they got closer to graduation, Kate’s name leaked to the press.

From then on everything from their 2007 breakup to talks about the duchess’ alleged lackluster work ethic to the birth of their three children has made front-page news Luckily because Kate is so beloved by the British public and press, the majority of her time in the spotlight has been pleasant.

However, in the early days of her relationship with Prince William, some fans were absolutely convinced that the duchess’ mother Carole Middleton orchestrated the entire thing.

Kate Middleton’s former roommate says she had a poster of Prince William in her dorm room

Following the Cambridges’ engagement in 2010, friends and peers of Kate’s began coming out of the woodwork. One of those people was Jessica Hay, the duchess’ former roommate at her high school boarding school, Marlborough College.

After struggling and being bullied at her first high school, Downe House School, Kate transferred to Marlborough where she would make life-long friends. However, according to Hay, the duchess always had her sights set on a certain prince. Hay claims that Kate had a poster of Prince William hanging on their dorm room wall. “She would joke, ‘There’s no one quite like William,'” Hay told royal expert Kate Nicholl for her book, Kate: The Future Queen.

The Duchess of Cambridge adamantly denied having the poster in her BBC engagement interview with Prince William in 2010. , “No, it was the Levi’s guy on my wall, not a picture of William. Sorry!,” she said.

Kate Middleton dealt with a lot in order to have a relationship with Prince William

In the early days of their relationship, the Cambridges were expected to hide their feelings for one another. There was no PDA, the prince adamantly denied being with Kate in public and he even ignored her at his 21st birthday party.

The prince was young and unsure about commitment, so he was often flaky, backing out of his plans with Kate and, not including her. In 2007, the duchess decided she’d had enough. The relationship had long-since been public, which was even more humiliating when the price was photographed in London clubbing and flirting with another girl. The photos were in the newspaper the next day.

The humiliated duchess ended the relationship and flew to Ireland with her mother to get away from the constant press and attention. Though the pair would be back on track three months later, the Cambridges’ relationship hasn’t been a fairytale.


The First Time Prince William and Kate Middleton Met In Person They Were 9 Years Old

Royal fans were convinced Kate Middleton’s mother orchestrated her relationship with Prince William

Though royal life isn’t something anyone would choose, early in the Cambridges’ relationship, royal fans were convinced Kate’s mother, Carole Middleton put her daughter on a path to marry the prince. In fact, Kate was initially supposed to go to college somewhere else, but she took a gap year instead and ended up at St. Andrews with the prince.

“At the time there were a lot of rumors going around that Carole might have tried to orchestrate the relationship by ensuring her daughter went to St Andrews,” royal expert Rebecca English said in the documentary, William and Kate: Too Good to Be True. “There was talk of Kate having a poster of William on her wall at her school, Marlborough College. That said, I have spoken to a lot of Kate’s friends who were at school with her over the years. Nobody remembers her having that poster.”

From these stories and the current Tatler exposes, “Catherine the Great,” royal fans haven’t always made it easy for Kate.