Kate Middleton Silently ‘Teases’ Prince William With ‘Mood-Booster’ Smile, Body Language Expert Says


  • According to body language expert Judi James, Kate Middleton “teases” Prince William with her smile.
  • Kate Middleton’s “adoring gaze” seems to be a “leading ritual” to bring out Prince William’s “happier, fun side.” 
  • A tell-tale sign of “flirting and jokes” between the couple are, per James, dimples on Prince William’s face. 

Kate Middleton “teases” Prince William with her smile, according to a body language expert. The Princess of Wales puts an “adoring gaze” on her husband to bring out a different side of him. Why it instantly changes the tone at events and what tell-tale sign usually means “flirting and jokes” are happening between the couple, ahead. 

Kate Middleton smiles at Prince William to bring out his ‘happier, fun side’

Kate flashes a smile to show the Prince of Wales’ “fun side,” body language expert Judi James told the U.K.’s Express. The mother of three puts an “adoring gaze on her husband, connecting with her eyes and her smile,” James said. 

“This gazing seems to be a ‘leading’ ritual,” the expert explained, referring to the smile Kate gave William at a June 2022 portrait unveiling. The purpose? “Bringing out William’s happier, fun side during their public appearances.”

Kate’s smile changes the tone, acts like a ‘mini energy and mood-booster’

Prince William smiles at Kate Middleton, who often 'teases' Prince William with her smile, according to body language expert Judi James
Prince William and Kate Middleton | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

A smile from Kate does more than bring out William’s “fun side.” James shared it can also change the atmosphere at an event. 

“Kate’s smile acts as a state-changer as she teases him silently into smiling back,” she said. “During a long day packed with royal visits, it would be like a mini energy and mood-booster.”

The Prince of Wales, as she told the outlet, usually responds in kind. “It is nearly always met with a coy smile or a grin of pleasure from William,” James said. 

In turn, it means a different William is captured on camera as opposed to the potentially “moody” one seen previously. 

“William hasn’t always had the happiest relationship with the cameras,” the expert said. “And he did have a reputation for being a bit moody a few years ago.” 

Dimples on Prince William’s face are a sign of ‘flirting and jokes’ between him and Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton, who silently 'teases' Prince William with her smile according to body language expert Judi James, smiles at Prince William, who smiles back, at Wimbledon 2022
Kate Middleton and Prince William | Julian Finney/Getty Images

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Beyond Kate’s “mood-booster” of a smile, William’s smile can hold clues about the couple, according to James. Examining their interactions at Wimbledon in July 2022, the expert picked up on William’s dimples. 

He had a “subtle but telling” response to a glance from Kate, she told Express. “As he bared his teeth in a smile, his top lip puckered and curled, creating his signature cues of dimpling at the corners of his upper lip.” 

“This slightly bashful signal tends to be his give away of some shared flirting and jokes between himself and Kate,” she said. 

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