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Kate Middleton has many skills, from making interviews look effortless to photography, yet one in particular may prove extremely valuable. An expert says the Princess of Wales’s ability to never look “bored” could help the royal family “survive.” 

Kate’s mastered the ‘body language of sustainability,’ has ‘muscle memory’ for looking ‘comfortable and relaxed’

The chances of seeing a “bored” looking Kate are highly unlikely. According to body language expert Judi James, the Princess of Wales, who officially joined the royal family in April 2011, is a master at “sustainability,” or having a so-called poker face.

“Kate has spent years perfecting the body language of sustainability and is now at no risk of looking bored or showing any negative emotions,” James told The Sun’s Fabulous. “She looks comfortable and relaxed with her skills tucked into her muscle memory, just as the Queen [Elizabeth II] was always able to present the sweetest of smiles under the most difficult of circumstances.” 

“It would be naïve to suggest Kate is totally fascinated by every aspect of every meeting and visit,” the expert added. “But the point is she looks as though she is, and this is an important skill that could help the monarchy survive into the future.”

Kate’s skilled at showing ‘facets’ of her personality while maintaining privacy

​​“Kate has spent years sporting her pitch-perfect, bullet-proof royal smile that managed to look relatively natural despite being sustained for long periods of time,” James continued. “But the Kate we’ve been seeing over the past year has been anything but one-dimensional.” 

The mother of three, the expert said, has grown her “brand by stealth,” thereby allowing her to “show more facets of who she is without compromising her closely guarded privacy.” 

“The cues and clues we’re seeing now suggest this is also the real Kate, the relaxed and very confident one that has been hiding behind the demurer version all those years,” James said, pointing to putting on a life jacket at September 2023 appearance as “one of the best examples of Kate’s new, three-dimensional approach.” 

‘Slow-burning’ confidence in Kate stands in ‘contrast’ to Meghan Markle’s ‘intense bursts’

While Kate’s spent years learning how to exude confidence during public appearances, her sister-in-law Meghan Markle’s own approach is different, according to James. 

“Meghan’s ‘royal’ approach could hardly have been more of a contrast” to Kate’s own “slow-burning approach,” the expert said. “Coming from the US and with a career in drama, of course, she would have found our royals cold and unemotional. Her body language (and [Prince] Harry’s) tends to come in short, intense bursts.”

“With Meghan, there was a wonderful array of open emotions as she used her body language to describe her intense and passionate love of her husband, smiled with total enthusiasm on royal visits, and hugged, touched, and posed for selfies in a style that was more celebrity than royal,” James continued. 

Referring to Harry and Meghan’s 2023 Invictus Games appearances in Düsseldorf, Germany, the expert noted how, at times, Meghan didn’t appear totally at ease. “Both were looking wildly happy and excited at Invictus,” she said. “But there was no going off-set or off-stage at an event like that, which meant there were also moments when Meghan was caught looking unsure or trying to capture Harry’s attention.”

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