Kate Moss Defending Johnny Depp in Court Wasn’t the First Time She Stood By a Controversial Figure

The Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard defamation trial saw the Pirates of the Caribbean star earn public support. Many women supported Depp throughout the proceedings, and some celebrities did too, such as Robert Downey Jr. petitioning for Depp to be in Sherlock Holmes 3. Several of Depp’s exes also stood by him, including Kate Moss, and it wasn’t the first time she defended a controversial figure.

Kate Moss (left) and Johnny Depp at the 1995 Golden Globe Awards. Moss came to Depp's defense during his trial vs. Amber Heard, and it wasn't the first time she stood by a controversial figure.
Kate Moss (left) and Johnny Depp | Fotos International/Getty Images

Kate Moss testified in the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard trial and defended her ex

Heard described how she protected her sister by swinging at Depp near some stairs during one memorable moment of her trial vs. Depp. The Aquaman star testified that in the moment, her mind focused on the story of Depp pushing Moss down some stairs while they were a couple.

Later in the trial, Moss defended Depp and testified that he didn’t abuse her during their relationship. The model set the story straight. She slipped on some stairs while on vacation, and Depp quickly came to her aid. He carried her back to their hotel room and helped her receive medical attention.

Moss defended Depp during a challenging time, and it wasn’t the first time she stood by a controversial figure.

Moss felt compelled to defend Depp, and she also stood by a disgraced fashion designer

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Moss recently opened up about why she felt compelled to testify on Depp’s behalf during the trial, saying she knows “the truth about Johnny,” as Yahoo reported. “I had to say the truth.”

The Heard-Depp trial wasn’t the first time Moss stood by a controversial figure.

Couture clothing label Dior fired fashion designer John Galliano in 2011 after a video surfaced of him making anti-semitic comments in a Paris bar. Moss gave Galliano the benefit of the doubt at the time, according to Yahoo.

“I know that John Galliano is not a bad person. He had an alcohol problem, and people turn. People aren’t themselves when they drink, and they say things that they would never say when they were sober.”

Kate Moss defending fashion designer John Galliano

Rather than rush in to bash Galliano, the model found empathy and spoke her truth about the designer. Moss did the same when she defended Depp during his trial against Heard.

Several Depp exes have come to his defense

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Moss testified Depp never abused her during their relationship, and she wasn’t the only Depp ex to speak highly of him.

Vanessa Paradis, with whom Depp had two children, said her relationship with Depp was the opposite of Heard’s. 

Winona Ryder didn’t testify in Depp’s 2020 libel suit in the U.K., but her statements for the case became public. The Stranger Things star stated that Heard’s allegations of abuse “shocked and confused” her, as her time with Depp was nothing like that, as Yahoo reported. Sherilyn Fenn dated Depp in the 1980s and said Depp was nothing but kind to her, according to Yahoo.

Moss stood by Galliano in 2011; when she defended Depp in 2022, she wasn’t the actor’s first ex to speak highly of him.

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