Why Katt Williams Once Claimed Disney Threatened Him With Legal Action

During his time on top of the comedic world, comedian Katt Williams has ruffled a lot of feathers. From Kevin Hart to Cedric the Entertainer, Williams’ outspoken and honest attitude has sometimes given the comedian a few enemies.

But Williams’ act had even almost made an enemy out of Disney. Earlier in his career, Williams caught the attention of the mega-corporation for all the wrong reasons.

Katt Williams’ name wasn’t always Katt Williams

Katt Williams holding a microphone and wearing a red jacket.
Katt Williams | Johnny Louis/Getty Images

As some may know, Katt Williams didn’t always go by his very well-known name. In fact, he’s changed his name twice. According to The New Yorker, Williams was originally born Micah Williams. But an unfortunate mishap with his son inspired the comedian to take on a new moniker.

Williams shared that he was holding his son above his head at the time. His child would soon drop a bottle on Williams, knocking out the star’s two front teeth.

Since this was before the comedian made millions off of his work, he couldn’t afford a dentist at the time. Williams was concerned about being made fun of due to this accident. So, to remedy this, he spoke without moving his upper lip and wore hats on stage.

The hats would cast a shadow over Williams’ mouth, concealing his missing front teeth. Because of this, Williams dubbed himself the Katt in the Hat. But it was a name that was short-lived.

Why Disney sent Katt Williams a cease and desist

Speaking to LRM, Williams once claimed that his rise to fame as Katt in the Hat was thwarted by Disney. Specifically, the studio took notice of the Emmy-winner using the moniker and allegedly didn’t appreciate the nickname.

“I have a great love affair with hats,” Williams told LRM. “Initially, when I started standup I was Katt in the Hat. And Disney sent me a cease and desist.”

But Williams claimed the ordeal wasn’t all bad. In fact, he asserted that Disney’s cease and desist foreshadowed his own success.

“Which was how I knew I was going to be famous one day,” Williams continued. “If I caught the attention of the big mouse ears.”

Katt Williams once insisted that this sports team should change its name

If Williams’ claims were true, the comedian knows what it’s like to be pressured into changing his name. But years earlier, the comic would apply this pressure himself to change the name of a football team. The difference being, however, is that some agreed with Williams’ sentiments.

ABC News once reported how the NFL team, the Washington Redskins, sparked debate about its name for decades. Around 2013, Williams joined the debate and voiced his own opinions on the matter to TMZ.

“Do you know how racist that is?” Williams said. “That would be like saying the Chinese Yellowskins or the Compton Blackskins.”

He later asserted, “Can you please stop disrespecting the people we already admit we did wrong to?”

When Williams heard that the team was considering changing their name, the controversial comedian believed there wasn’t anything to consider.

“What do you mean think about? Remember, slavery was wrong the first year, not 399 years in,” Williams continued. “At some point, somebody should’ve went, ‘Hey, this is terrible.’”

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