Katt Williams Claims His Own Team Once Ruined His Chances of Winning a Comedy Grammy Award

Comedian Katt Williams has worked hard to become one of comedy’s most successful and engaging performers. His variety in the genre even earned him an Emmy award in Donald Glover’s Atlanta after his very first nomination.

But one award he hasn’t won is a Grammy. This was partially because, according to Williams, his own team sabotaged his opportunity to be nominated for one.

Why Katt Williams considered his Emmy win special

Katt Williams holding a microphone while wearing a black suit.
Katt Williams | Donald Kravitz/Getty Images

As many know, Katt Williams appeared in Atlanta’s season 2 playing the Alligator Man. When Glover first recruited Williams, the actor asserted he would help Williams win the coveted television prize.

“I told him, ‘I’m going to try to get you an Emmy for this,’” Glover told The New Yorker. “He said, ‘A’ight, we’ll see.’”

Glover met very slight pushback with his decision to hire Williams. According to Atlanta director and Glover’s longtime collaborator Hiro Murai, others were telling Glover, “’When’s the last time you saw Katt Williams not in jail?’”

But Glover was right in his vision, as Williams was able to win an Emmy for his performance after all. In an interview on Arsenio, Williams explained why winning the award was so important. It was a significant moment not necessarily because of the Emmy, but because of how he won the prize.

“For the Emmy, that was really God’s doing,” he said. “That was special on so many facets. Not just because it was an Emmy, but the Emmy’s beautiful. And it was for a show called Atlanta.”

Williams also appreciated the level of dignity and depth that was written into his Atlanta character.

“And the fact that my character wasn’t telling any jokes, or doing any dance. He was really exposing a piece of his soul. So the fact that that’s what I got it for, I’m forever grateful for that,” he explained.

Katt Williams claims his team sabotaged his chances of winning a Grammy

Williams has shared that he once surrounded himself with an untrustworthy entourage before. The comedian alleged that his own team stole millions of dollars from him under his nose. But at one point, Williams also asserted that his team may have also cost him a Grammy as well.

“Not facetiously, but I was in a toxic relationship with a group that was my group. And so I did 65 projects, and they never submitted me once,” he revealed. “And so that Emmy was the first time I’d been submitted my whole career. C***blocked by my own people.”

But Williams quipped he was going to make up for his losses by winning himself a Grammy this year.

Katt Williams is returning to Netflix for ‘World War III’

Williams may have the opportunity to earn himself a Grammy along with his Emmy with his next Netflix special. According to The Source, the May 15th comedy show will be Williams’ second original special on the streaming service following his Great America.

“In the war between truth and lies, there is only one man you can trust,” the special’s summary reads. “Comedy legend & Emmy Award winner, Katt Williams, returns to deliver the unfiltered truth and hilariously breaks down conspiracy theories in his new comedy special World War III.”

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