Keanu Reeves Calls Out This Celebrity for ‘Trying To Steal His Girlfriends’

Keanu Reeves is regarded as one of the nicest celebrities in the entertainment industry. But once you try to steal one of his girlfriends, he won’t be afraid to expose you. And when Parks and Recreation‘s Rob Lowe tried to steal Reeves’ love interest, he wasn’t afraid to call him out about it.

Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves
Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

How did Keanu Reeves become an actor?

The story behind Reeves’s acting career is quite fascinating. The John Wick star got his start at a performing arts school when he was a teenager. It was then that he fell in love with performing. Yet sadly, according to Reeves, he didn’t fit in at all at the school. According to his unauthorized biography, none of the teachers believed in Reeves, and they told him he would never make it as a professional actor. Because of their lack of faith in him, they expelled Reeves at the end of the year.

“It was a terrible letter to receive, saying you can’t come back to school next year,” said Reeves. “Getting asked to leave was very upsetting.”

But despite all odds, Reeves believed in himself when no one else had. So instead of giving up his acting dream, he decided to move to Hollywood to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

Keanu Reeves and Rob Lowe starred in ‘Youngblood’ together

Rob Lowe and Keanu Reeves play in a celebrity basketball game
Rob Lowe and Keanu Reeves play in a celebrity basketball game | The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images

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Reeves starred in the 1986 film Youngblood when he was just starting out in Hollywood. One of the friends he made along the way was Rob Lowe, who also starred in the movie. And although Reeves is known for being a “loner” who prefers to be in his own company, he managed a solid friendship with Lowe while making the film.

Yet as time passed, Reeves began to realize Lowe’s true colors.

“He’s all right,” Reeves says about Lowe (via his biography.) “We hung out for a while, but all he did was try to steal my girlfriends. He almost had his wicked way with two of them, but eventually, they saw through him.”

Back then, Lowe was notorious for being a womanizer. Being an essential member of The Brat Pack, he was on top of the world, and thus, he didn’t have a strong moral compass. The actor frequently cheated on his long-term girlfriend, Melissa Gilbert.

Yet a lot of time has passed since then, and nowadays, Lowe is a totally different person.

Rob Lowe is now a monogamist

Rob Lowe and wife Sheryl Berkoff
Rob Lowe and wife Sheryl Berkoff | Arnold Jerocki/WireImage

Gone are the days when Lowe would try to steal Reeves’s girlfriends. Now, Lowe is a one-woman kind of guy.

“I had met my now wife, Sheryl, and was attempting my first try at monogamy—which was not really in my nature at the time—and I wasn’t able to do it,” said Lowe (via The Daily Mail.) “It made me examine how I was living my life. That led me to getting sober, which led me to changing my life—giving me everything I now have.”

Profoundly, he adds, “You have to want to change. I wanted it; I was ready.”

Interestingly enough, Lowe’s wife Sheryl was dating Reeves right before she got married to the Parks and Rec actor. So it turns out Lowe really did succeed in stealing Reeves’ girlfriend!