Keanu Reeves Once Admitted That He Was Upset the Last ‘Matrix’ Film Wasn’t Nominated for an Academy Award

Many feel that The Matrix was revolutionary when it first came out. It not only introduced a new franchise to the world of Cinema but took the sci-fi genre in innovative fresh directions. Keanu Reeves saw the potential of the Wachowskis’ vision as soon as he read the script, and it’s a potential his performance as Neo helped the trilogy fulfill.

Reeves’ appreciation for The Matrix runs so deep that the actor admits that he was pretty upset when the last film wasn’t recognized by the Academy, and didn’t take home an Oscar for its achievements.

How Keanu Reeves got the part of Neo

Keanu Reeves waving in a suit
Keanu Reeves | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

As many know, Reeves wasn’t the first choice to play Neo. The directors went through several actors to find their perfect Neo. But A-listers from Leonardo DiCaprio and Nicolas Cage to Will Smith all turned down the main role. Eventually, the Wackhowskis went to Reeves to offer him the part. In a resurfaced Reddit AMA, Reeves explained the process of coming on board The Matrix.

“I got a call from my agent, saying that these directors, the Wachowskis, wanted to meet, and they sent me the script, and the script was absolutely amazing,” Reeves posted.

Reeves later revealed he didn’t have to audition for the role. He got the part after a conversation with the Wachowskis and listening to their vision.

“I went in to meet with them, and they showed me some artwork, of their vision, and an early version of “bullet time,” and it was very exciting and inspiring, and we looked at each other, we ended up hanging out in a parking lo outside the offices just talking and riffing, and we basically just kinda shook hands – they told me they wanted me to train for 4 months prior to filming, and I got a big grin on my face and said: “Yes.

Keanu Reeves believes ‘The Matrix’ should’ve won an Academy Award

Keanu Reeves holds The Matrix in high regard. At one point, he ranked the franchise higher than even Star Wars. In a 2006 interview with Playboy, Reeves revealed how he felt The Matrix wasn’t only the best sci-fi franchise out there, but how he thought it should’ve been nominated for an Academy Award. And how upset he was that it wasn’t.

“I would say we’re the new number one,” Reeves said. “Everyone has their own ranking, but The Matrix is definitely my favorite. I still get protective about it. I got so mad when The Matrix wasn’t nominated for an Academy Award last time.”

Reeves was asked what Academy Award he thinks The Matrix should’ve won.

“At least for the special effects,” he said. “Are you f—-ng kidding me? Are you f—–ng insane?”

Although neither Matrix Reloaded or Matrix Revolutions were nominated for an Academy Award, the first film was. But not only was The Matrix nominated for several Academy Awards, it also took home four. One of the Oscars it won was for best visual effects.

‘The Matrix’ cast experienced many injuries while on set

In the same interview with Playboy, Reeves, revealed that he and many of his castmates sustained several injuries while shooting The Matrix.

“My knees aren’t the same. They’re just not. I have to get them scoped,” Reeves revealed.

Later, Reeves went into a little more detail about the injuries his co-stars Carrie Anne-Moss and Hugo Weaving both experienced.

“We hit each other a couple times, so it wasn’t that bad. But people broke things,” Reeves said. “Carrie-Anne Moss hurt her leg, and Hugo Weaving had to have a hole drilled into his hip to drain some fluid. I was taking ice baths and massages and trying not to cry at night. But would I do it again? Absolutely.”

Reeves seemed to have kept his word, and he and Carrie Anne-Moss did, in fact, do it all over again with the fourth Matrix film in the franchise in the upcoming Matrix Resurrections.

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