Keanu Reeves Reacts to Fans Who Say ‘The Matrix’ Changed Their Life

The Matrix is one of Keanu Reeves’ seminal films. By 1999, Reeves was already established in the Bill and Ted movies, Point Break, Speed, and more but The Matrix took him to another level. Ever since, Reeves says, he runs into fans who tell him about their reaction to the Matrix films. Now, he shares his reaction to them. 

Keanu Reeves pulls back his fist in 'The Matrix Resurrections'
Keanu Reeves | Warner Bros. Pictures

The Matrix Resurrections, the fourth film in the series, is now available on DVD, Blu-ray, 4K UHD and digital. UHD viewers get to see Morpheus’s suits in 4K color and slick wet action scenes in the puddle intro and sprinkler gunfight. In the bonus features, Reeves discusses the legacy of The Matrix and his interaction with fans of the films. 

Keanu Reeves has this to say to fans of ‘The Matrix’

The Matrix was groundbreaking in 1999. Thomas Anderson (Reeves) is also the hacker Neo who learns he’s already living in a computer simulation. When he wakes up, he fulfills the promise of Neo and is able to manipulate the matrix himself. This manifested in the way of Hong Kong style martial arts battles, which Reeves and his co-stars learned to do themselves

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“I’ve met many people who’ve been influenced and impacted by the films,” Reeves said. “You’ll hear the sentence:  The Matrix changed my life. To be a part of something that can do that in a positive way is rare and beautiful. So I say thank you, it changed mine too.”

Reeves was already an action hero by the time of The Matrix, but his martial arts training developed further. He directed and played the villain in Man of Tai Chi, and then created the all new character John Wick. Other Hollywood movies tried to copy The Matrix style for a while too, but nobody could do it as well. 

‘The Matrix Resurrections’ changed Keanu Reeves even more 

The Matrix Resurrections revisits the world of The Matrix from a new perspective. Anderson is now a video game designer who made a trilogy of games based on The Matrix. When the company, specifically Warner Bros., asks him to make a fourth game, the film makes commentaries on the nature of franchises. Anderson thinks Neo was a delusion he had and resists returning at first. Lana Wachowski returned to write and direct and challenged Reeves yet again. 

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The Matrix has now been taken to another level,” Reeves said. “Lana is an extraordinary, brilliant filmmaker. To be able to practice your art and share it,  collaborate and be asked to create with a brilliant filmmaker, oh my gosh.”

New hopes for ‘Resurrections’ fans

The Matrix Resurrections opened in theaters and on HBO Max in December. Reeves recorded these comments before he could interact with fans of the new film, but he offered hope for further inspiration. 

“With the performances, the writing, the ambition, the scale, the scope and the love, that experience I hope people enjoy and that the film will be as inspirational,” Reeves said.

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