Kelly Clarkson Compares Ariana Grande ‘The Voice’ Reception to BTS

The Voice on NBC is one of the premier music competitions on TV today. Like many an American remake of a foreign series, The Voice rocketed to popularity after its debut and has been making stars for more than two decades. As the show enters season 21, audiences at home can expect a ton of fun to come, especially given the positive words one of the coaches had about another.

Who are the current coaches on ‘The Voice’?

One of the main features of The Voice is a panel of people with musical backgrounds who act as coaches to the contestants. They’re in charge of selecting the up-and-coming musicians who will compete on the show proper, forming teams among those who audition and guiding them to improve their performances.

In season 21, the coaches will be country musician Blake Shelton (one of the original coaches since season 1), American Idol Kelly Clarkson (a mainstay since season 14), R&B singer John Legend (since season 16), and newcomer Ariana Grande. Needless to say, it’s an eclectic bunch with a whole lot of talent to go around, and fans just can’t wait for it to start.

The audience really loves a certain coach

As one can imagine, the coaches are a major draw for The Voice. Considering they’re all famous musicians in their own right, producers could probably make a show of the four of them just hanging out and making music and still get great ratings. This season, though, one coach seems to be an even bigger hit than normal.

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Clarkson gushed about Grande and how fun she was to have on set. During this, she discussed how the live audience reacted as the four coaches took their places on stage, saying how she and Legend all received applause. When it was Grande’s turn, though, the crowd exploded into cheers, a reaction she compared to people seeing the band BTS.

“They lose their minds,” she said, humorously adding that Shelton had to follow all of that only to receive the same response as the other two. Apparently, he asked to go out before her in future episodes to avoid this happening again.

The show’s newest season is set to be one to remember

Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson | Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversal/NBCU Photo Bank

There’s a lot to be excited about in the new season of The Voice. Most obviously, it’s Grande’s first season on the show, an event that’s quite clearly a major draw for audiences far and wide. That, plus the many opportunities she’ll have to perform with Clarkson, have plenty of people at the edge of their non-swiveling seats.

There’s also the new battle advisors for this season. On Team Legend (that always has a nice ring to it), there’s Camila Cabello. On Team Clarkson, there’s Jason Aldean. Team Shelton is getting help from Dierks Bentley, and Team Grande has close personal friend Kristin Chenoweth. Just like the coaches themselves, the advisors bring a whole lot of star power and a whole lot of insight to the show to help liven things up and bring out the best in the contestants.

This is all without considering the contestants themselves, too. While we won’t know what we’re in for until the show starts properly, there’s been plenty to tease that we’ll be getting some powerhouse performances this season. As the first NBC show since the pandemic to allow a live studio audience, it’s hard to overstate just how glad everyone is to be back, so we’ll definitely be tuning in to see how things go.

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