Kelly Ripa Reveals Her Kids Get ‘Grossed Out’ by the Way She Eats

As a co-host of Live! with Kelly and Ryan, Kelly Ripa often shares stories about her family to entertain viewers. Recently, she was joined on the show by her husband, Mark Consuelos, and the couple opened up about the interesting way Ripa eats that leaves their kids feeling “grossed out.”

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Kelly Ripa has 3 kids with husband Mark Consuelos

Ripa and Consuelos got married in 1996 after meeting as actors on the soap opera All My Children. They have three children together: Michael (born 1997), Lola (born 2001), and Joaquin (born 2003).

Michael is following in his parents’ footsteps and trying to make a name for himself in entertainment. He has even appeared on Riverdale to play the younger version of his father’s character, Hiram Lodge.

Lola is currently studying music at New York University. Meanwhile, Joaquin is a student at the University of Michigan and competing in wrestling for the school.

Kelly Ripa says her kids get ‘grossed out’ by the way she eats

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During the episode of Live! on March 7, Ripa and Consuelos shared with the audience that their children get “grossed out” by the way they eat, especially the way Ripa eats.

“Our kids get very grossed out by us in general, but especially when we are eating, they are sickened by us,” Ripa said. “And I’m not sure why that is, but they are disgusted by our eating. They make fun of my eating a lot.”

Consuelos added that Ripa has a “very interesting way of eating food.” He went on to describe how Ripa would use her hands to grab food and put her fingers in her mouth.

“You eat normal food normally, but every now and then, if there’s something that can be [eaten] with your fingers, you’ll go in—first of all you’ll put the plate in front of me, and then you’ll go in and grab it and then you stick all three fingers, the tips of all three fingers, into your mouth,” Consuelos explained and put his thumb, index finger, and middle finger into his mouth to demonstrate.

He shared that Ripa doesn’t just do this with finger foods. He revealed that she has done it with cakes, especially when she only wants to eat just a little bit.

“I’m surprised you weren’t nursed with just the first three fingers of someone’s hand,” he said.

Kelly Ripa and Michael Consuelos are now empty nesters

Ripa and Consuelos’ children are no longer at home full-time, so they are dealing with the couple’s eating habits a lot less. However, Ripa and Consuelos are currently experiencing what it is like to be empty nesters.

“The worst part is… people would say to us, ‘Oh, don’t blink because they grow up before you know it, and they’ll be out of the house.’ And when you’re in it, you’re so tired, you’re so like, bone-tired in your bones that you can’t believe that’s true,” she told Entertainment Tonight in September 2021 after their youngest child went off to college. “But we did. We blinked, unfortunately, and now they are grown adults.”

Ripa added, “So, I think that’s really the worst part is that we didn’t slow down in real time to appreciate that aspect of them when they were small, because we were so busy protecting them and making sure they were turning into good people and getting things done on time.”

Nonetheless, Ripa admitted some things that are a bit easier with the kids gone. She joked, “I will say the best part is there’s no laundry in our house. There’s no dishes. There’s like, nothing! Nothing! There’s nothing.”

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