Kelly Ripa Shared a Quarantine Hair Hack That You Will Love

The quarantine struggle is real, even for celebrities. Kelly Ripa, 49, has been sharing her struggles ever since New York City went into lockdown in March. One of the things Ripa is struggling with the most is her hair upkeep. Without the help of a colorist, Ripa’s grays are growing in, and she’s not afraid to let her fans know. That doesn’t mean she’s willing to go down without a fight, though. Ripa has a quarantine hair hack that will work for anyone who can’t visit a talented stylist right now.

Kelly Ripa has chronicled her struggle with gray hairs on Instagram

Ripa wants her fans to know that she relates to the struggle of quarantine. Living and working in New York City has changed a lot in the last two months. The little things residents took for granted are now a huge deal, and for Ripa, being unable to get her hair dyed is a serious problem. The Live with Kelly and Ryan cohost has been chronicling her hair growth on Instagram Live.

Kelly Ripa
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In her “Root Watch” series on Instagram Live, Ripa has been showing her fans how quickly gray hair is populating her head without the assistance of a colorist. She’s been using root spray to keep things looking pretty uniform, but the battle appears to be growing more intense by the day. According to New York’s reopening plan, it could be several more months before Ripa will find herself in a salon chair, so she’s getting more and more creative with her hair. On May 14, she shared a hair hack that could be a game-changer for other ladies who are battling the hands of time.

Kelly Ripa has a hair hack to tame the grays that is quick and easy

Ripa has been using root spray to keep her gray hair in check, but she noted that it isn’t always enough. She’s come up with a way to tame the grays while she waits out the Coronavirus quarantine at home with her family. She told Ryan Seacrest that she’s using hair clips to keep the pesky strands at bay. She told her cohost that she’s using clips to train the hair to sit flat after she accidentally showed up on camera with two clips in her hair.

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So, how do the clips help her mask her grays? It’s simple. Hair turns gray when it begins to lose melanin. The loss of melanin makes the strands more course, according to Mane Addicts. Those course strands tend to stand up on end and fail to look uniform with the rest of the still pigmented strands. Ripa’s hair clips help the strands lay flat and blend in with the rest of her blonde locks.

This isn’t the first time Ripa has shared glimpses into her home life

Ripa has been nothing but forthcoming since she took on her role as a television personality. Over the years, she’s shared a lot with her followers, so it is no surprise that she’s commiserating about the state of her hair while in lockdown. In June 2019, Ripa shared how she and her husband, Mark Consuelos, ruined their daughter’s 18th birthday.

The morning show host shared that her daughter, Lola, accidentally walked in on an intimate moment on her birthday. Lola Consuelos is a student at New York University. Ripa shares three children with Consuelos, and none of them are safe from Ripa’s on-air oversharing. In October 2019, Ripa said that her youngest child, Joaquin Consuelos, isn’t “allowed” to apply at tri-state schools because his siblings showed up at home too often. Both Lola and Michael Consuelos attend New York University, minutes from their parents’ Manhattan home.