Kesha Was Once Asked If ‘Die Young’ Proves She’s Part of the Illuminati

“Die Young” is a pretty innocuous song, however, its music video led people to think Kesha was part of the Illuminati. During an interview, Kesha responded to these theories. Here’s the contradictory things she had to say.

Kesha wearing a crown
Kesha | Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Clear Channel

Kesha discussed ‘Die Young,’ the Illuminati, and her eye tattoo

In the video for “Die Young,” Kesha portrays a cult leader whose followers carry her around like she’s a statue of the Virgin Mary during a Roman Catholic feast. In addition, the video makes use of symbols associated with Satanism and the occult, like inverted crosses and pentagrams. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that Rolling Stone’s Eric Spitznagel reported some conspiracy theorists believed Kesha was working for the Illuminati.

Spitznagel mentioned the video’s occult imagery during an interview with Kesha. He added the imagery provoked conspiracy theories. “It’s so much worse than they think,” Kesha said. “I’m really the leader of the Illuminati.”

“Die Young”

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He then mentioned the eye on Kesha’s hand. Illuminati conspiracy theorists feel eye symbols have great importance, as they supposedly represent the Eye of Providence. “Well actually, the eye on my hand is now a tattoo,” Kesha replied. “So there’s no getting away from that one. It is what it is.”

Kesha discussed the most occult thing she’d ever done

Spitznagel then asked Kesha to name the most occult thing she’d ever done. “When I spend time at my house, it can get pretty occulty,” she said. “I’ll have people put on robes, and I have an entire room in my house devoted to glitter. Sometimes I’ll just fill it up like a bathtub. There’s also a room that’s just dedicated to painting. So like, you can roll around on the floor, you can be naked, you can paint your body, whatever you want.”

Spitznagel seemed skeptical this qualified as occult behavior. “Oh, and I also live in the woods,” Kesha responded. “When it gets really late, we just run through the woods, screaming like banshees, covered in paint and glitter. This happens whenever I throw a party. Like, sh*t just gets out of control.”

Kesha wearing a mask
Kesha | Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

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Spitznagel said Kesha clearly had no connection to the Illuminati. “What gave me away?” the singer said. This comment clearly wasn’t enough for the conspiracy theorists who still believe in the Illuminati.

How the world reacted to Kesha’s ‘Die Young’

Despite the Illuminati theories that surrounded the video, “Die Young” became one of the highest-charting singles of Kesha’s career, reaching No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. Her only songs to chart higher are “Tik Tok,” “Timber,” and “We R Who We R.” The song’s parent album, Warrior, was a hit as well, reaching No. 6 on the Billboard 200. There may have been some occult imagery in the music video for “Die Young,” but that didn’t prevent it from becoming a massive hit.

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