Kesha Broke Into Prince’s House — Here’s What Happened Next

Songwriters don’t always reflect their true selves in their music, however, there’s definitely some truth to Kesha‘s wild-child persona. For example, she once broke into Prince’s house. Here’s what she did when she saw him — and what happened afterward.

Prince with a guitar
Prince | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

How Kesha managed to enter Prince’s house

According to Business Insider, Kesha was once a struggling artist who needed to break through. She decided she should give her CD to Prince. The process of getting into his home proved simple. “It was so easy,” she told Jimmy Fallon. “I cruised up in my dead grandpa’s car, and I get out and there’s a gardener in the front yard so I was like, ‘Here’s $5 and don’t make a thing about it, I’m just going to slide right under this gate,’ and he just laughed and thought it was funny and that I was charming.”

Prince’s door was open. Kesha saw this as “basically an invitation, so I walked in and everything was purple velvet, so I was very pleased that my fantasy had come true and that there was, in fact, purple velvet everywhere.” For context, Prince was very associated with the color purple because of his film Purple Rain, its soundtrack album, and the soundtrack album’s title track– so much so he was called the Purple One.

“Purple Rain”

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What happened when Kesha saw the Purple One

Kesha continued, revealing “I walk into the elevator, and there is Prince music playing! And then I go up in the elevator and I come out, and I’m on the phone with my mom saying, ‘I think I may get arrested,’ and then I walk out, and there’s Prince playing the guitar, with a beanie on, and I almost pooped my pants.”

Afterward, she gave him her CD. Nothing ever came of the incident. While Kesha has collaborated with legendary artists like Dolly Parton, Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys, and Alice Cooper, she never worked with the Purple One. This is notable given how Prince worked with one of Kesha’s contemporaries — Janelle Monáe — on her single “Make Me Feel.”

“Your Love Is My Drug”

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Another connection between Prince and Kesha

So are there any other connections between Kesha and Prince? According to Vice, Kesha cited Prince as an influence on her music in her 2008 MySpace profile. However, she also cited dozens of artists from Casiotone for the Painfully Alone to The Rolling Stones to Gwen Stefani as inspirations. It’s not clear the Purple One had an especially profound influence on her work. If their discographies have anything in common, it’s a shameless attitude toward sex and an atypical approach to spirituality.

Which artist is more popular?

The comparison between the artists raises a question: Who is more popular? Kesha has 10 top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100. That’s impressive. However, Prince has 19 top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100. Regardless of who is more popular, Kesha’s anecdote is interesting — even if nothing ever came of it.