Kim Cattrall Met Her Ex-Husband the Same Way Samantha Met 1 ‘Sex and the City’ Boyfriend

Kim Cattrall was one of the most vital and important parts of the Sex and the City universe. Millions of fans around the world embraced her character, the sassy public relations professional with an adventurous dating life. Cattrall, who was a staple on the series throughout its entire run, reprised her role as Samantha Jones in two feature-length films. While a very private person in real life, the actor’s romantic escapades have mirrored her character’s before. Samantha met one boyfriend in the exact same way that Cattrall first crossed paths with her ex-husband. 

Kim Cattrall met her ex-husband in a very Samantha Jones-esque manner

In the first season of Sex and the City and into the second, Samantha was romantically involved with a man named James. While James and Samantha seemed to hit it off right from the start, meeting at a jazz club and discovering their remarkably similar musical tastes, they never could become fully compatible in the bedroom. According to Screen Rant, James and Samantha dated for a while, even visiting a sex therapist. But ultimately, the PR executive dumped him.

In real life, Cattrall is also a jazz aficionado. According to BuzzFeed, a jazz club is exactly where she met her ex-husband, Mark Levinson. The two first crossed paths in the late ’90s, tying the knot in 1998 and even writing a book together before divorcing in 2004. Levinson, who was Cattrall’s third husband, worked as an audio equipment engineer. 

Kim Cattrall is closely associated with Samantha Jones

Interestingly enough, Cattrall once blamed her busy working schedule on Sex and the City for the dissolution of her marriage to Levinson, noting that “I was never there and my husband got lonely and upset and competitive, and it was really difficult, it was really hard. You end up spending more time with my ‘Sex and the City’ family than I did with my real family.”

The star also once told The Telegraph in the early 2000s that she feared her romantic relationships started to mirror her SATC storylines a little too closely. “When (then-boyfriend) Alan and I first got together three years ago I was a little embarrassed about how close to the storyline it seemed,” she said. “I was dating men closer to my own age and I thought that Alan would just be a nice little interlude in my life.”

Who is Kim Cattrall dating now?

kim cattrall husband
Kim Cattrall attends The Laurence Olivier Awards at The Royal Opera House on April 28, 2013 in London, England. | Mike Marsland/WireImage

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Ultimately, Cattrall’s romance with the younger chef didn’t last. She went on to enjoy brief relationships with a series of high-profile men such as former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, the father of Justin Trudeau, and the popular French public intellectual Bernard-Henri Lévy.

In 2016, Cattrall met Russell Thomas, a BBC executive who impressed the actor from the start. “We kind of liked each other, we kept in touch and then he came out to Vancouver,” Cattrall told People Magazine in 2020. “It was very brave of him because we didn’t really know each other, other than having a few meals together. But he came and we got along great, and we’ve been together ever since!”

These days, Cattrall and Thomas are still together, having celebrated their six-year anniversary in 2022. And there’s no Sex and the City to get in the way, as the actor didn’t return for the revival series And Just Like That