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Though she made a name for herself on her long-running reality series, Keeping Up with the KardashiansKim Kardashian is much more than a reality star. The mother-of-four is now a fledged businesswoman with her cosmetics brand, KKW Beauty and her shapewear line, Skims. She is also an aspiring lawyer and advocate for prison reform.

In the past ten years and change, Kardashian has singlehandedly formed certain trends, while inspiring women to go for certain beauty looks (and body types.) Though Kardashian has done this for the strength and value of her own brand, it has come at a cost.

Many women believe that Kardashian and the entire KarJenner family have promoted unrealistic standards of beauty. Likewise– the Kim Kardashian effect has killed sales of one once-popular makeup item.

Kim Kardashian is obsessed with perfection

From her extensive skincare routine to her heavy-handed use of makeup and filters on her social media pages — it’s clear that Kardashian likes to look flawless. She’s been open about her expensive beauty treatments and dermatologist visits over the years.

Still, fans are not pleased about her unrealistic standards of beauty, especially for women and young girls who don’t have access to her millions. Her entire skincare routine involves 17 products and costs more than $4,000. 

Kim Kardashian has normal-looking skin

In a recent photo of Kardashian at a Lakers game, fans noticed that the reality starlet’s skin is pretty, but it’s certainly not flawless. A Reddit user shared a Getty photo of Kardashian saying,

“She has amazing realistic looking skin, and keep in mind that she has access to the best skin products/treatments in the world. Don’t be deceived by the high skin standards put upon you, flawless skin doesn’t exist in real life, only on Instagram.”

One user commented, “I think this is the most human I’ve seen her face look.” Another added, “Literally no one on earth meets their standards of beauty. Not a single human being. Because skin is not a totally smooth surface like plastic. People need to keep that in mind. The goal is for you to never ever be satisfied with your skin and always buy more skincare/makeup/procedures.”

Kim Kardashian has hurt mascara sales

You might scoff at how influential Kardashian is in the beauty industry. However, the KKW Beauty mogul’s love of false eyelashes has hurt mascara sales across the board. In fact, Kim’s brand as well as Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics, Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, and Lady Gaga’s Haus Laboratories all launched without a mascara product.

“Kim is one of the biggest beauty influencers in the world,” Kardashian’s go-to makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic told CNN, “She’s one of the most looked-at people and women do take their makeup inspiration from her. Mascara will never die but lash extensions are just an easier lifestyle choice for women right now.”

From professionally placed individual lashes to strip lashes that you can find at the drug stores, women from all walks of life can get their hands on a pair of nice lashes.