Kim Kardashian’s House Seems ‘Homey & Relaxing’ Since Kanye West Left, Say Fans

Kim Kardashian is in the headlines for a variety of reasons: her high-profile businesses, her relationship with Pete Davidson, and, perhaps most notably, her split from her rapper husband Kanye West. While Kardashian has been going through a lot behind the scenes, it’s been business as usual for her public life. Recently, Kardashian did a home tour with Vogue, showing off her stunning, simplistic home—and fans in the comments had a lot to say about the changes in Kardashian’s house since the reality star’s split from West

Kim Kardashian showed off her home in a recent Vogue tour

Kim Kardashian wearing a bikini in front of dark background
Kim Kardashian attends the 2019 E! People’s Choice Awards at Barker Hangar on Nov. 10, 2019 in Santa Monica, Calif. | Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage/Getty Images

In mid-February, Kardashian welcomed Vogue into her home, taking the publication on a tour through her minimalistic, cream-colored space and introducing viewers to some of her favorite objects. Kardashian indirectly referenced her divorce early on in the video, noting “a few things have been updated” since the last time Vogue did a home tour with her. “I’ve filled it up with some amazing art, and all my favorite things,” she stated.

She went on to note that while her kids’ bedrooms and the playroom are full of “clutter,” she likes to keep her main living areas very minimal. Kardashian showed off some of her oldest daughter’s artwork, praising how painting has been an “amazing hobby” for North West. Kardashian also made a point to feature her children’s baby books, which are full of everything from intimate photos to details from the hospital when they were born. Finally, she took Vogue outside her home, showing off a large patio area with workout equipment and a vegetable and fruit garden. 

What did fans online have to say about Kim Kardashian’s house?

Fans were quick to share their opinion of Kardashian’s house—and her energy—in the video comments section. “The interior really does have a calming affect when she was in her sitting room I was admiring the smooth fireplace and picturing the fire place on which is a calming affect on its own,” one fan wrote, while another noted “I’ve always liked KK. But wow. Her energy is noticeably different. She seems so much more centered and grounded.”

Many fans called out the soothing energy in Kardashian’s house, with one fan writing “I really love her house, It is so neat & has this calming ambiance to it.” “Her house is the definition of peace,” one YouTube user noted. Others praised Kardashian’s house for the “relaxing” aesthetic that it promotes, and many more called out her parenting skills, allowing her children to “clutter” their rooms in order to express their own personal styles. 

What’s happening in the Kim Kardashian-Kanye West divorce?

Although Kardashian used to share her California home with West, everything changed between the couple in late 2021, when media outlets reported that the two had filed for divorce. At first, things seemed to be amicable between the former partners – however, in early 2022, West began taking to social media to slam not only Kardashian, but her new boyfriend, Pete Davidson, as well.

West even released a song implying that he would “beat” Davidson’s “ass.” Through it all, Kardashian has remained mostly silent, seemingly preferring to let her lawyers handle the intricacies of West’s social media tirades. If anything, Kardashian has earned more fans over the past few months, with many fans speaking out in support of her new romance with Davidson. The future is uncertain for Kardashian, but it’s clear that she is able to find some peace in her home. 

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