Kim Kardashian Says This Is Want Really Made Her Famous

Kim Kardashian is many things: a wife, a mother to four small children, a business mogul, a soon-to-be lawyer, a pop culture icon, and a reality television star. Kardashian’s evolution has happened over a period of many years, and she’s put in a lot of hard work to get to the level of fame that she has achieved.

Kardashian will be the first to admit that she didn’t do it alone. In a recent television special, Kardashian opened up about what inspired her in the early days of stardom and what really has contributed to her staggering worldwide fame, more than anything else.

How did Kim Kardashian first become famous?

Kim Kardashian-West speaks at The Girls' Lounge dinner, giving visibility to women at Advertising Week 2016
Kim Kardashian-West | Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for The Girls’ Lounge

Kardashian grew up in an affluent, California-based family. Her father, the well-known attorney Robert Kardashian, made sure that his family had the best that life offered while at the same time instilling drive and determination to succeed in his children.

Even though Kardashian was surrounded by luxury, she still had to work, and her father set her up with a job at a clothing store when she was 16. Kardashian never stopped working, and even when her father passed away from cancer at a relatively young age, she renewed her determination to make something of herself.

She eventually became a stylist and wardrobe assistant for reality star Paris Hilton, and even made some early television appearances on The Simple Life, Hilton’s TV show with Nicole Richie. Kardashian’s appearances with Hilton led to lots of paparazzi attention, and it was partially due to Kardashian’s stunning looks that her entire family scored their own reality show deal in 2007.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians premiered that same year and introduced the whole world to the large, rambunctious Kardashian/Jenner clan. 

What does Kim Kardashian say about her family’s support?

After the premiere of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, fame came swiftly for the family. In short order, every single member of the family became well-known by the public, for one reason or another.

For Kardashian, she dealt with some pretty serious negativity when a sex tape that she had made with her boyfriend, Ray-J, was released. While many argued that Kardashian’s fame was boosted by the release of the tape, the reality show documented Kardashian’s emotional turmoil over the private video becoming public.

In the years since, Kardashian has dealt with more backlash stemming from various issues – including her tendency to post semi-nude selfies and provocative pictures. Through it all, she has always leaned on her family for emotional support.

In the recent E! True Hollywood Story episode featuring Kardashian, she opened up about how her family has always provided a stable foundation for her to grow as an entrepreneur and a person. In fact, Kardashian stated that the “key to her success” has been the support of her family. She went on to describe how, no matter what, everyone in the family always has “each other’s backs.”

What’s next for Kim Kardashian?

Certainly, the Kardashian/Jenners have been tested over the years. With cheating scandals, cruel tabloid rumors, and difficulties within the family, they have suffered a number of trials and tribulations.

Still, it has only made them stronger and more determined to succeed. Kardashian recently announced that she would be studying to become a lawyer, in order to aid her in her efforts for criminal justice reform. There’s no doubt that she would do her father proud of the career path she’s chosen and in her desire to use her platform for good.