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Kim Kardashian West is one step closer to becoming an attorney. The billionaire reality star shared with her social media followers that she has passed the baby bar exam after three previous attempts. Here’s what Kardashian West said about passing the test and how fans are reacting. 

Kim Kardashian West sits at a table and smiles.
Kim Kardashian West | Jared Siskin/Patrick McMullan/ Getty Images

Kim Kardashian West shared that she passed the baby bar exam on social media

After years of studying and preparation, Kim Kardashian West has passed the baby bar exam. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star shared the news on her Instagram page. She posted a series of photos of herself in a royal blue gown and wrote a lengthy caption describing her excitement at achieving the milestone in her law school journey

“OMFGGGG I PASSED THE BABY BAR EXAM!!!!” the caption begins. “Looking in the mirror, I am really proud of the woman looking back today in the reflection.”

The KKW Beauty founder assured her followers that getting a passing score wasn’t easy. “For anyone who doesn’t know my law school journey, know this wasn’t easy or handed to me,” she wrote. “I failed this exam 3 times in 2 years, but I got back up each time and studied harder and tried again until I did it!!! (I did have COVID on the 3rd try w a 104 fever but I’m not making excuses😉).”

Kardashian West also wrote about how she plans to finish law school, saying that the path she has chosen to take is a “close to impossible journey and harder than the traditional law school route.”

She thanked Van Jones for talking her “into going to law school in the first place.” She also thanked attorneys Jessica Jackson and Erin Haney for allowing her to “watch their every move in the court room.”

Finally, she thanked Bar Bri Law School bar prep and her professors for working with her through “10 hour days, daily 4 hour zooms, [and] in person practice tests week after week.”

Close up of Kim Kardashian West's face at an event.
Kim Kardashian West | Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images

Kim Kardashian West said her father Robert Kardashian would be proud of her for passing the baby bar exam

Kardashian West’s father, Robert Kardashian, was a defense attorney in the O.J. Simpson murder trial. He was also good friends with the famous athlete. 

The SKIMS founder shared in her Instagram caption that she knew her father would be not only proud of her for passing the baby bar exam but also surprised she is pursuing a law degree.

“I know my dad would be so proud and he would actually be so shocked to know that this is my path now but he would have been my best study partner,” Kardashian West wrote. “I am told he was notorious for making fun of people who didn’t pass on their first attempt like he did, but he would have been my biggest cheerleader!”

Kim Kardashian West poses at an event.
Kim Kardashian West | David Crotty/Patrick McMullan/ Getty Images

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Fans, family, and friends congratulated the reality star on her passing score

Kardashian West’s fans and loved ones have been congratulating her on social media and celebrating her passing score.

Model Winnie Harlow commented on the reality star’s Instagram post, “Congratulations 😍 so proud 🥲 been a long time coming!”

Kardashian West’s close friend La La Anthony wrote, “Could not be more proud of you Kimberly!! I know the late nights, long days, early mornings. No matter how hard it got you never gave up. And still managed to check on all of us everyday and make sure we were ok. Love you so much!! Can’t wait to celebrate you!!! YOU DID IT‼️‼️‼️🚀🚀🚀🚀”

And rapper Nicki Minaj commented, “Congratulations mama!!!!! That’s so dope 🎀”