Kim Kardashian’s Ex Ray J Says Her Alleged Cultural Appropriation Is a ‘Compliment’

Kim Kardashian West is a pop culture icon. She became famous on the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians and over the past ten years, she has managed to completely reinvent her style and image.

From a trendily-dressed starlet to a high-fashion designer’s dream, Kardashian often sets style trends rather than following them. Still, her style has been criticized a number of times. Kardashian has been slammed for cultural appropriation several times over the past several years.

Most recently, for a controversial hairstyle. After her most recent debacle, some unlikely defenders stepped out of the woodwork to speak out on her behalf. 

Kim Kardashian has been accused of cultural appropriation in the past

Although Kardashian has millions of fans from all around the world, she is not immune to missteps, which in turn causes her to be at the receiving end of some strong criticism. One of her biggest scandals was during the initial announcement of her shapewear line.

Kardashian announced that the name of the shapewear line would be “Kimono,” which hit a nerve with many Japanese fans and officials. After hearing the backlash, Kardashian hastily changed the name of the line to “SKIMS,” but for many, the damage was done. The shapewear line was a huge hit and has consistently sold out when new products launch.

Many critics have said that Kardashian also “tries too hard to appear biracial.” In several cover shoots for magazines, Kardashian has appeared to be several shades darker than her natural skin tone, prompting some people to accuse her of “blackfishing.” Recently, Kardashian stepped out wearing a hairstyle that caused an immediate backlash among fans and critics alike. 

Ray J and Brandy defended Kim Kardashian’s recent snafu

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At the Yeezy Season 8 presentation in Paris, France, Kardashian was spotted wearing her hair in waist-length cornrows. Not only did the overall style cause consternation, but many fans also pointed out that Kardashian failed to credit the hairstylist responsible for the look in her Instagram post.

Although Kardashian got a lot of blowback for the look, there were several people who actually stepped up to defend the reality star. Ray J and his sister Brandy spoke out on an episode of The Talk and stated that, in their opinion, Kardashian isn’t guilty of cultural appropriation.

In fact, Ray J said: “I just think that, if you are paying homage to another culture by you know, rocking the braids, I think it’s a compliment.” While Brandy didn’t go that far, she did say that, in her opinion, accusations of cultural appropriation are “a bit of a reach.”

Will Kim Kardashian change her style?

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Interestingly enough, Ray J has a history with Kardashian. They actually dated from 2003 until 2006. In 2007, there was a sex tape leaked of the former couple, which brought notoriety to both of them. Although they have had minimal contact in the years since their split, it is clear that Ray J doesn’t harbor any ill will toward his ex, and has no problem defending her in tough situations.

As for whether or not Kardashian will allow the negative press to cramp her style, it seems unlikely at this point. After all, she has dealt with conversations regarding cultural appropriation many times before and has not adjusted her style or her approach to dressing.

If she receives enough negativity, it might make her think just a bit harder about who she is offending with her choice of clothing.