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Kim Kardashian recently took to Instagram to show off an image of her “new grillz”. This isn’t the first time the reality television star has shown off a fancy new set for her teeth, but it is the first time since she was violently attacked in Paris. While most fans known that she and her husband, Kanye West, are fans of grillz, they probably don’t realize just how glamorous Kim Kardashian’s teeth really are.

The new grillz

The Instagram picture shows a set of grillz that covers her bottom teeth entirely with diamonds – yes, real diamonds. The world would expect nothing less from a Kardashian. The top is outfitted with a small, diamond-studded cross. The new set was designed by Dolly Cohen. Cohen is a famous French jeweler who specializes in custom mouth pieces (like grillz). Her work can be seen on the likes of Drake, Rihanna, and Rita Ora.

Other grillz Kim Kardashian has shown off

In the past, Kim Kardashian has taken to social media to show off some of her favorite mouthpieces from her collection. Although we aren’t sure just how extensive Kardashian’s grillz collection is, it is assumed to be fairly large.

A favorite of hers appears to be a set which spells her name out on her bottom teeth. The letters “K-I-M” are done in gold which we assume is real, although this hasn’t been confirmed. The ‘KIM’ mouthpiece is also one of the oldest pieces she has, as she can be seen sporting them in images now almost two years old.

Another set shows a solid band across the top of her bottom teeth, with a single ring-type feature between the front two teeth on top. This is another favorite, and is the one she shared an image of just before her violent robbery experience. This particular grill is gold and appears to be encrusted. The images do not show enough detail to know whether it is simply fine gold detailing or tiny diamonds embedded in the gold, however.

Kim Kardashian has a permanent retainer for her teeth

Kim Kardashian attends the Heavenly Bodies: Fashion & The Catholic Imagination Costume Institute Gala
Kim Kardashian | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian is well-known for her beautiful, nearly blindingly white teeth. This is not something the celebrity was naturally born with. Kardashian has put a lot of time, effort, and cold hard cash into that smile.

In addition to getting professional teeth whitening, Kim has also had veneers done to help straighten her smile. While her teeth were not extremely crooked to begin with, they were slightly out of place. Not only was this evident in the teeth themselves, but in some images of her facial structure before the procedure was done.

Besides veneers, Kim Kardashian has a permanent retainer fitted to her teeth. This helps to keep her teeth straight and healthy because, as many people know, straight teeth are easier to clean and stronger. The retainer is on the inside section of her teeth so that nobody can see it, which is why most fans were previously unaware of it.

Kardashian’s husband may have gotten her into grillz

Kim Kardashian is married to rapper Kanye West, and he is rarely seen with a set of grillz. He has sported numerous different mouthpieces throughout the years, with each one being flashier than the next. Unlike his wife, Kim, who appears to mostly like subtle mouth jewelry, West likes to go big and bold.

Nothing says big and bold like getting your bottom teeth replaced with diamonds. Although many fans were skeptical, Kanye West stands by the fact that his bottom teeth are actually diamonds now – not just another one of his fantastic mouthpieces.

This being said, Kanye West was into the diamond-studded mouthpieces before his wife was. This makes people believe he had something to do with Kim Kardashian’s obsession with grillz.