Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick Need to Get Back Together ‘Eventually’

The infamous Kardashian-Jenner family might just be the most famous family on the planet. Although they have their critics, people who don’t even watch their reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, generally know who they are and what’s going on in their lives.

That’s a testament to how thoroughly the Kardashian-Jenners have shared their lives with their fans, for better or for worse. It’s been over 10 years since Keeping Up With The Kardashians first went on the air, and the world has been through endless ups and downs with their favorite family members.

The eldest Kardashian-Jenner sister, Kourtney, is perhaps most well-known for her notorious on-again, off-again relationship of many years with her ex, Scott Disick. Although they broke up (for the last time) in 2015, they still have a wonderful relationship co-parenting their three children, and many fans want to see them back together eventually.

A timeline of Kardashian and Disick’s relationship

Kourtney Kardashian
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Although Hollywood romances aren’t known to last (and some of her sisters’ love affairs have certainly proven that point), Kardashian’s relationship with Disick was actually quite enduring.

They started dating in 2006, after they met at a mutual friend’s beach party in Mexico, of all places. They went through hard times, and actually broke up once in 2009 amid allegations of Disick’s infidelity. However, they made it work, and became parents to two beautiful children together.

Sadly, trouble followed them. Disick went through a particularly rough time in his life in 2013-2014, when he lost both of his parents within just a few months of each other. This caused Disick, who had already struggled with addiction, to hit rock bottom, and he checked himself into rehab in November of 2014, and then again in 2015 to deal with his substance abuse issues.

Although throughout all the chaos, Kardashian gave birth to their third child, the two eventually decided that it wasn’t going to work out for them, and split in 2015.

Since then, they’ve become famous for making co-parenting look amazingly easy, and seem to be on really good terms as friends. But will they ever get back together? That’s the question fans are dying to know.

Fans love Kardashian and Disick together

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Every celebrity couple has fans that won’t ever give up on the idea of them getting back together (take Jelena, for instance). Some people are desperate for Kardashian and Disick to get back together, even though the two have never indicated that they were headed that way.

Fans’ hopes for a reunion were raised even higher when Disick recently broke up with his most recent girlfriend, Sofia Richie. Could it a Kardashian-Disick comeback be in the works?

“MY HEART IS EXPLODING!!!! I’m ready for baby #4!!!,” a recent Reddit post was titled, accompanied with an Instagram photo that Kardashian posted for Father’s Day. In it, the couple stands together with their three children, and we must admit that they look like a happy family. Other fans responded with their excitement and expressed their desire for Kardashian and Disick to find their happy ending together.

“I think that there’s still a lot of love between Scott and Kourt, and with time, communication, and grace, hopefully they can find their way to be back together, committed to each other and be a solid family with their kids,” one shared.

Fans are worried about Kardashian and Disick’s kids

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At the same time, other fans want Kardashian and Disick to think very carefully about the decision if they were to get back together, and that’s for one reason: to protect their kids.

“I kinda hope Scott and Kourtney don’t get back together or at the very least take it verrry slow, that’d be so confusing for the kids if they broke up again,” one fan commented wisely. Another added: “I want them to get back together eventually, if it feels right for them, but definitely at an extremely slow pace! Keep the kids out of it for at least a couple years. That change would be extremely confusing for them.”

Kardashian and Disick have been so on-and-off that that’s got to be really confusing for their kids. Hopefully, if they do get back together, they do it in a way that feels safe for the entire family.