Krista Allen Had Contractions While Filming ‘Days of Our Lives’ and Was Sent to the Hospital in Billie’s Wedding Dress

Actor Krista Allen is currently stealing scenes on The Bold and the Beautiful. The TV and movie star’s previous daytime stint might be more memorable to her on a personal level, though. On Days of Our Lives, Allen lived through some real-life drama that she’ll never forget.

Krista Allen as Billie Reed from 'Days of Our Lives'
Krista Allen as Billie Reed | NBC/Getty Images

The Final Destination actor was pregnant for a part of her stint on Days. She decided to keep working rather than take a break from the show. And while most fans didn’t know it, some of the most exciting drama on the daytime standby would happen away from the cameras.

Krista Allen had to hide her pregnancy during a pivotal scene on ‘Days of Our Lives’

Allen has been active as an actor since 1994, landing roles in movies like Liar, Liar, and TV guest spots on The X-Files. Her most well-known role in the 1990s was, of course, her stint on Days. She played the second incarnation of Billie Reed, a former singer turned devious businesswoman, from 1996 through 1999.

Billie married Bo Brady, then played by Peter Reckell, in a splashy ceremony. Allen decided to continue appearing on Days despite being late into her pregnancy to avoid disrupting the big moment. The only complication? She had gained 80 pounds by then, and the Days writing staff didn’t write a pregnancy angle into the show.

“What is happening? I have a career. I’m married. I’m about to have a baby. I’m going to be a mom,” the actor told Soap Opera Digest. The producers handed her an enormous bouquet to try to conceal her obvious pregnancy.

Allen was hospitalized while she was still in costume

While filming the tail end of the wedding, Allen was “ready to pop.” She began experiencing contractions on set. Days producers decided to suspend production and take her straight to a nearby hospital. Allen told Soap Opera Digest:

“I think I was 8½ months pregnant and was having contractions. We had been shooting all day, and they sent me to the hospital in that wedding dress. I was wheeled in on a gurney in a full wedding dress, extensions, a tiara, like, the whole thing.”

Allen gave birth to her son Jake not long after. Curiously, her pregnancy coincided with another daytime actor’s pregnancy, longtime Bold star Katherine Kelly Lang, according to She Knows. While the two were on different shows at the time, the tightly-knit daytime milieu meant they were friendly at the time.

Allen is back on daytime television


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Allen left Days not long after having her first child. Since she was already the second actor to take on Billie, she was quickly replaced by Julie Pinson. Pinson herself was replaced by the original Billie, Lisa Rinna, who continues to reprise the character.

As for Allen, she mostly moved on from daytime to Days, according to IMDb. Notably, she starred in Baywatch Hawaii and appeared in the movie Anger Management. She also had guest roles on many prominent TV shows, like FriendsSmallville, and Rules of Engagement.

2021 marked her return to the daytime soap scene. She’s the third actor to play Taylor Hayes on Bold. Hunter Tylo played the character for two decades, while Sherilyn Wolter stepped in temporarily for several weeks in 1990. While there was initial skepticism about Tylo being permanently replaced, the response to Allen’s take has been overwhelmingly positive.

The role sees Allen working alongside Lang, her fellow daytime TV pal that she bonded with over pregnancy all those years ago. Both are fan favorites. They’re widely seen as the top women, in the key power couples, on the show today.