Kristen Stewart’s ‘Spencer’ Hair Took 6 Weeks and $6,000 Wigs

During the early years of her career, Kristen Stewart was best known for playing Bella Swan in the supernatural Twilight franchise. After becoming a teen idol, the LA native chose to focus her efforts on more independent productions.

These days, Stewart is widely considered to be one of the best actors of her generation. The 31-year-old’s recent project, the biographical drama Spencer, has earned her a great deal of critical acclaim. Not only did Stewart completely dedicate herself to the role of Princess Diana, but she also underwent an incredible physical transformation that involved wearing two extremely expensive wigs. 

‘Spencer’ is a critically acclaimed film focusing on Princess Diana

Spencer was released in November 2021 with a limited theatrical run. The film is directed by Pablo Larrain and stars Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana. Spencer focuses on an important period of time in the life of the late royal.

During the week of Christmas 1991, the beleaguered woman debates the possibility of divorcing her husband, Prince Charles. Diana must weigh the pros and cons of the decision. She struggles to formulate a plan for how to live her life away from the confines of the royal family. 

Many, many movies and TV shows have portrayed Princess Diana. But critics have called Stewart’s performance one of the best. The psychological drama gives Stewart many opportunities to explore the royal’s heart and mind. Those who might’ve dismissed Stewart’s acting abilities from the Twilight days ate their words after Spencer

How did Kristen Stewart transform for her role in ‘Spencer’?

Kristen Stewart drives a car while filming 'Spencer'
Spencer star Kristen Stewart | Movieclips Trailers via Youtube

For her work in Spencer, Stewart received several nominations, including the Academy Award for Best Actress. To play Princess Diana is the opportunity of a lifetime for an actor. Stewart worked hard to master the royal’s mannerisms and accent.

The Charlie’s Angels star also transformed physically, working closely with the hair and makeup team. Spencer‘s hair and makeup designer, Wakana Yoshihara, opened up about how important it was to get the hair look just right. As E-News reports, Yoshihara created two separate wigs for Stewart to wear. Each cost close to $6,000.

“This process took about six weeks, and I probably colored the wig three times before I met Kristen,” Yoshihara said, noting that the process of capturing the right color took a long time. “When we did the first fitting I knew the color wasn’t right, so I colored it again.” 

Stewart has acted in a wide variety of projects

Stewart prepared for months for her role in Spencer. She opened up to Entertainment Weekly about how she developed a unique closeness with Princess Diana.

“Even before I knew all the details, I just sort of was drawn to her and wanted to be on her team or something,” the actor said. Fans and critics agree that Stewart captured Princess Diana’s iconic persona, in a performance that will live on for years to come.

Stewart’s repertoire is extensive since she’s performed since she was a young child. After rising to fame in the Twilight movies, Stewart acted in films like Snow White and the Huntsman, Still Alice, Equals, Charlie’s Angels, Personal Shopper, and Happiest Season.

Although she has been open about her struggles with balancing the spotlight and her personal life, Stewart clearly still loves the craft of acting. She especially loves when she can find a role that allows her to physically transform. 

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