‘KUWTK’ Fans Noticed Khloé Kardashian’s Comments Are Exposing Kris Jenner’s ‘True Colors’

In many ways, the world has Kris Jenner to thank for the Kardashian Jenner sisters. She birthed them, raised them, and also helped shove them into the limelight. She’s their mom, but she also manages their image, brands, and businesses. That makes her one of the most successful momagers of all time. But fans don’t always love the way Kris acts toward her children. Recent episodes have really shed light on Kris’ true colors

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Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, and Kim Kardashian West | Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage/Getty Images

Fans have always been suspicious of Kris Jenner’s motives 

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A lot of fans took to Reddit to comment on the latest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. In it, Khloé acts as Kris’ assistant for the day. Although Khloé jokes around with her mother a lot, fans think she hides bits of truth in those jokes. In this particular episode, Khloé joked about why her mother needed her half-sister Kendall’s schedule. Fans think that was Khloé’s subtle way of calling her mother out for not doing enough for her and her sisters, who are also technically Kris’ clients. 

Fans revealed that they’ve always had their suspicions about Kris. Many viewers think she sees her children as dollar signs. She famously loves luxury, and fans wonder if that’s all she cares about. One fan even thinks Kris may be a narcissist. 

Not only does she treat her daughters poorly, but she’s also cold and sometimes rude to her staff. Fans aren’t cool with it. Kylie’s ex-assistant Victoria is very close to Kylie, and even says Kylie is one of her best friends, she revealed to Girl Cult Podcast. However, she mentioned on an episode of KUWTK that she tried to keep her opinions to herself when Kris was around. Apparently the KarJen matriarch doesn’t believe Kylie should be so friendly with the staff. 

Does Kris Jenner play favorites with her kids?

Honestly, it’s not surprising that Kris is cold to her staff, considering how she treats her own children. The KarJen girls frequently joke about who is Kris’ favorite, but fans are starting to wonder if those are really jokes or just dressed-up truths. 

The girls often say that Kris’ favorite is the one who makes her the most money. Kim told her husband Kanye West that she used to be her mother’s favorite, but now it’s Kylie. Kanye laughed, but Kim was deadpan. Fans question if that’s just Kim’s sense of humor, or if she just wasn’t joking. One fan said, “Me think deep down kim believes it lol.”

There’s one thing fans can agree on. Kris has always been much harder on Khloé. Some fans think the animosity dates back to Khloe’s childhood. Others think that Kris is mean to Khloé because she wasn’t as traditionally pretty as the other girls. But Khloé is also the one who usually calls Kris out for failing as a mom and a manager. 

Some fans think Kris Jenner isn’t doing a great job as a manager or as a mom 

Being a manager and a mom at the same time can’t be easy. Kris’ daughters are very successful, so it’s hard to say she’s failed completely as a manager. However, fans do question why the KarJen girls still have their mother managing their careers. All of them have very successful, very busy lives. One fan on Reddit made the point: “I feel like we dont discuss Kris in her role as a manager enough & I gotta say that I agree with Khloe. At this point, I think that Kim, Kendall & Kylie’s brands have all outgrown Kris’ capacity to be their manager. “

Fans think Kris would never allow her daughters to use another manager. When she has slipped up as a manager in the past, Khloé is usually the one to call her out on it. Sometimes it’s with a joke, other times Khloé gets truly mad. Like when Jordyn Woods appeared on The Red TableThe interview is now famous, and it didn’t make Khloé look good. Khloé was angry at her mother for not letting her know that it was happening, or stopping it entirely. Kris has a lot of influence, so she probably could have gotten Woods blacklisted from the interview. 

Khloé was not only upset that her mother didn’t properly manage her image. She was also mad that her mother didn’t warn her about the interview, or call her to check up on her after the fact. It seems like she dropped the ball as a mom and as a manager on that one.