Kyuhyun of Super Junior Releases New Mini-Album ‘Love Story’

On Jan. 25, Kyuhyun of the K-pop group Super Junior released a new EP called Love Story (4 Season Project 季). The EP marks his completion of the Project: 季 series. During a press conference for the album, Kyuhyun gave behind-the-scenes details about his thoughts on the EP.

Yoon Jong-shin and KYUHYUN sit during KYUHYUN's press conference for 'Love Story'
(L-R) Yoon Jong-shin and KYUHYUN | SM Entertainment

What Kyuhyun has to say of the EP’s title track

Love Story (4 Season Project 季) has six tracks: “Love Story,” “Coffee,” “Together,” “Daystar,” “Dreaming,” and “Moving On.” The EP’s lead single is “Love Story,” and Kyuhyun also released a music video for the song on Jan. 25.

During the EP’s press conference, Kyuhyun explained what “Love Story” is about, calling the song an expression of “deep emotions of longing for an old lover.”

The Korean singer also found that “Love Story” marked the perfect way to end the Project: 季 series.

“‘Love Story’ is a track with a sentimentality that I always aspire for. It’s one that suits perfectly with the fall and winter, which are my favorite seasons. All of my past releases including ‘Love Story’ are gifts of songs that express the atmosphere of each season. Through this four-seasons project, I’d like for everyone to enjoy all four seasons while listening to my music,” Kyuhyun said in the virtual press conference.

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What is the ‘Project: 季 ‘ series?

Kyuhyun first launched the Project: 季 series with the single “Dreaming” in July 2020. “Dreaming” represents the season of summer. In October 2020, Kyuhyun released “Daystar” to represent the fall.

The singer released “Moving On” to represent the winter months in January 2021. Kyuhyun continued the project in April 2021 with “Coffee” representing spring. “Together” dropped in July 2021 as a second single representing summer.

Love Story (4 Season Project 季) completes the series, featuring all of Kyuhyun’s previously released singles from the project along with “Love Story” representing the fall and winter.

“This four seasons project is a gift of a years’ worth of songs that go with the changing atmosphere of the four seasons in a year. I’d like for people to spend their year listening to my music and it’s not easy to include tracks of various colors into an album, but this album does just that,” Kyuhyun said during the press conference.

He continued, “Each song has its own music video, and it’s an album that’s very meaningful because it holds memories of each track. I hope it will be just as meaningful for my fans.”

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What the Super Junior singer wants to accomplish in 2022

So far, Kyuhyun has started 2022 on a strong note with the release of Love Story (4 Season Project 季). During the press conference for the EP, the SM Entertainment singer shared what else he hopes to accomplish over the next year.

“I’ve already set a goal for this year! Personally, I would like to work less without getting stressed and provide high-quality content for my fans. I’ve mostly shown a certain side of myself through concerts and on television shows, so I’d like to share more of the human side of Kyuhyun for those who would like to see that version as well.”

Love Story (4 Season Project 季) is available now.

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