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Even if she doesn’t have a superpower, Mirabel (voiced by Stephanie Beatriz) is still part of the magical Madrigal family. What gifts does everyone else have? Mirabel explained her entire family tree in one of the first songs from Disney’s Encanto.

“La Familia Madrigal,” also written as “The Family Madrigal,” features several other cast members in the chorus. Here’s what we know about this original song by Lin-Manuel Miranda

Stephanie Beatriz sings on ‘The Family Madrigal’ from Disney’s ‘Encanto’

Disney character 'Mirabel' performs at the opening night fan event for Disney's 'Encanto'
Disney character ‘Mirabel’ performs at the opening night fan event for Disney’s ‘Encanto’ | Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Nestled in the Colombian countryside is the powerful and magical Madrigal family. In 2021, Disney premiered their latest musical production, Encanto, composed by Moana and Hamilton songwriter Miranda. 

“The Family Madrigal” is one of the first songs listed in the Encanto soundtrack, performed by Beatriz as Mirabel. With detailed lyrics, the character introduces the members of her extended family, from her super-strong sister Luisa to her shapeshifting cousin Camilo to her mysterious Tío Bruno. 

“‘Familia Madrigal’ was a hugely challenging song,” director Byron Howard said during Disney’s Encanto “A Journey Through Music” featurette. “And we told [Lin-Manuel Miranda] in a matter of just a few minutes, the audience has to understand everyone in this family, the magical gifts, needs to understand what they do for the community, and it had to be crazy entertaining.”

Most ‘Encanto’ cast members appeared in the chorus of ‘The Family Madrigal’

Beatriz isn’t the only person introducing her family to viewers and the villagers. As noted in the official Spotify track, the Encanto cast sings in the background of “The Family Madrigal,” adding voices and depth to the song. 

“Nearly every cast member is actually part of the chorus,” director and writer Jared Bush said during the same Encanto featurette. Howard added, “it’s a great showpiece for Mirabel too because Mirabel is actually singing this song, and so her personality comes out.”

By the end of “The Family Madrigal,” viewers learned Mirabel did not received a magical gift like her family members. Still, this character had plenty of love for her parents, cousins, and sisters.


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There are some solo songs included in Disney’s Encanto. However, fans learned more about family members like Dolores and Tía Pepa with the group number “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” the most popular Disney song on the Billboard music charts since Frozen’s Let It Go.”

“All of You” also features the voices of most cast members. However, the actor who sings in most Encanto numbers is Beatriz. As Mirabel, the actor appears on “What Else Can I Do” and “Waiting on a Miracle.”

Included in the Encanto soundtrack, this upbeat song has earned over 25 million Spotify plays since its debut. Music by Disney’s Encanto is available on most major streaming platforms, while the animated film is available for binge-watching on Disney+.